Those worried that Dragon Age: Inquisition wouldn’t be raising the bar for the series from a technical perspective can apparently rest easy. The first Inquisition gameplay video showing the game in motion is testament to just how impressive Frostbite Engine 3 could be on next-gen hardware, with particle effects, simulated fire and frame rates sure to make any RPG fan happy.

If that weren’t enough, BioWare has also released a brand new gallery of gameplay screenshots and concept artwork showing the Inquisitor himself/herself, as well as a new party member, new enemy types, and a wide variety of concept artwork hinting at the new locales and monuments being added to the wide world of Thedas.

Although the first Inquisition screenshots released seemed to fall in line with the visuals of Dragon Age 2, fans will be happy to see just how much of a difference between the two games there could be. Aside from the graphics visible in the gameplay video (a far cry from the pre-alpha clips already revealed), the in-game special effects and animations seem to be as smooth as possible.

With the gameplay video from PAX comes a sizable gallery of concept artwork and in-game images giving fans a sense of the development team’s aims for expanding on the world of the franchise, and what to expect from the results. Take a look:

Besides showing a closer look at the creatures, the environments, and the new party member Vivienne, the images prove that the overall aesthetic and style of Inquisition may be taking a slight step closer to realism than prior games. Not to say that fantasy and magic won’t be playing a role, but the higher quality attacks and attention to detail is a strong sign of what the next generation will bring for the series (and Mass Effect).

Of course, those still unwilling to get on board with the third Dragon Age game aren’t likely to cite graphics as their main concern. A highly-polished and visually impressive Dragon Age adventure won’t win back fans who felt that player choice and customization were sacrificed in the name of streamlining. It’s because of that that BioWare is bringing back multiple playable races, approaching romance from a whole new perspective, and creating what sounds like the biggest game in the series to date.

The developers have offered glimpses in the past of how their game’s environment would be brought to life around the player, but after seeing the quality of the graphics in action, we’re far more inclined to believe that BioWare may follow through on their previous claims.

What do you think of the footage and images? Do they have you convinced that Inquisition is a must-play for BioWare fans, or does the concept art simply leave you longing for a next-gen Dragon’s Lair?


Dragon Age: Inquisition is expected to release in 2014 for the Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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