Play 'Dragon Age: Inquisition' For Free on Xbox One Until Monday

Dragon Age Inquisition - Inquisitor with Bow

One of the biggest games of 2014 is now available for free, albeit for a limited amount of time. Xbox One owners who missed out on BioWare's Dragon Age: Inquisition when it came out last November can now play the game for free until Monday. It's the perfect opportunity for interested gamers to try the title before buying it, or to simply enjoy a few hours of a great game without paying a dime.

There is a bit of a catch, but it's one that shouldn't be a problem for active members of the Xbox community. The Dragon Age: Inquisition trial is only available to Xbox Live Gold members, meaning that free members still have to put up money if they want to save the world of Thedas. That being said, people who play on the Xbox One but haven't yet invested in Xbox Live are becoming increasingly rare, especially considering all the benefits that Microsoft offers its paying members.

Additionally, the trial only lasts for 6 hours. Believe it or not, but that probably won't be enough time to finish the game, unless someone powers through the main story and ignores everything else. That's not recommended. Dragon Age: Inquisition has a lot to see, explore and fight (and an upcoming patch promises to add even more). Taking things at a slower pace is definitely the way to go.


Fortunately, for those players who do end up enjoying the trial, the Xbox One Deluxe Edition of Inquisition is currently offered at a convenient 40% discount as part of this week's Deals with Gold promotion. That said, don't wait until the free trial period is over to take advantage of the price drop, as it also expires on Monday. It's not hard to see what Microsoft is trying to do here; the publisher even released a new trailer, showing off all of Dragon Age: Inquisition's awards and critical praise.

Besides Dragon Age: Inquisition, Microsoft has also discounted games like Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Ryse: Son of Rome, and the Sunset Overdrive Season Pass. However, Dragon Age is a massive game, and it'll take a while to get through. Other games may need to be skipped to make room.

New Dragon Age: Inquisition players should check out our Romance and Dragon Hunting guides, as they're quite helpful. Besides, who can resist the urge to fight at least one dragon?

Source: Major Nelson Blog, Xbox on Twitter

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