‘Dragon Age Inquisition’ Trailer Details The Player’s Followers

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As old school RPG fans around the world prepare to see what BioWare has in store with Dragon Age: Inquisition, and existing fans of the series look forward to once again saving the world of Thedas from total destruction, it seems the time has finally come to turn the spotlight to those surrounding the hero. After all, plenty of time has been spent asking players what kind of hero they will choose to become; it seems only right that the men and women ready to alongside them should be just as important.

As every fan of Dragon Age knows, it’s the story and characters that have become trademarks of the franchise (and the company as a whole), with the construction of friendships and development of romantic relationships seen as a core pillar of what makes ‘a BioWare game.’ In the newest trailer, it’s the followers of the Inquisitor – ranging in races, motivations, and personalities – who get a few new details. Little has been shown of them thus far, but players likely already have some of their favorites.

The easiest follower to spot for both friend and foe is unquestionably Bull (voiced by actor Freddie Prinze, Jr.). The trailer emphasizes that while players are able to select a Qunari protagonist for themselves (just another dimension added to Inquisition‘s character creation engine), they’ll have a hard time posing the same physical threat as Bull while in the midst of combat. And that’s a claim that all combat gameplay to this point has supported.

Dragon Age Inquisition Followers Trailer

Aside from Bull, the non-human portion of the player’s party will also include the elven archer Sera; who aside from spunky and lethal is also a romantic option for exclusively female Inquisitors. Her wealth of confidence is also shared with Dorian, a child of privilege originating from the Tevinter Imperium, but parting ways with his upper-class family to pursue magic. As a charismatic charmer, Dorian was also the first gay party member to be included in a Dragon Age story (in the game’s terms, making him exclusively a romantic option for male Inquisitors).

Of course, sex isn’t really the point of these characters, with each blessed with their own motivations and goals. In fact, it’s likely that players will be more interested in their effectiveness on the battlefield. They’re just as varied in that regard, and players will have the opportunity to get to know them both in combat and out, while enjoying the relative calm of Skyhold, the customizable base of the player’s operations.

The party members look to be a varied bunch, marking new directions for the series in a number of ways. And with just as many options possible for the player’s own character, potential players may want to start brainstorming their ideal builds. Which class do you see yourself leaning towards? Have the effects and attacks shown in the trailer swayed you one way or another?

Dragon Age: Inquisition releases November 18, 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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