'Dragon Age: Inquisition' Preview Coming to EA Access

Dragon Age Inquisition EA Access

Although we still don't know what to make of the EA Access program, few can deny it offers a significant value to Electronic Arts fans. Through the program, gamers can unlock free games from within EA's library, get significant discounts on new releases, and even play those new releases earlier than anyone else.

To that end, EA has just announced that Dragon Age fans will be able to play the new game, Dragon Age: Inquisition, 5 days early through the EA Access program. They won't be able to play much – about six hours in total – but that should be plenty of time to venture through the world of Thedas and get a sense for what BioWare is working on.

EA doesn't explicitly say what the limits of this 6-hour "demo" are, but they suggest players will have the whole of Dragon Age: Inquisition to explore. They list such activities as creating a unique Inquisitor, discovering the Hinterlands, and partaking of the game's cooperative multiplayer as possible actions during the demo, which leads us to believe the 6-hour limit is the only constraint.

On top of that, EA Access members will also have the added benefit of a 10% discount if they want to go ahead and pre-order Dragon Age: Inquisition before its November 18th release date. The progress accumulated within the preview will also carry over, so no need to worry about replaying old quests. However, that discount only applies to the Xbox One version, as EA Access is currently not available on any other platform, and it's unlikely to cross over anyway.

Those early choices in the Dragon Age: Inquisition demo will apparently have stark consequences, as evidenced in the final behind-the-scenes video for the game. In it, the BioWare developers talk Story & Consequence and how specific choices within Inquisition will impact the player's journey.


Picking a specific race, for example, will change how NPCs interact with the player character, which in turn will influence dialogue options. Gender will influence romance options – a staple of the BioWare RPG. And individual dialogue choices will branch out to influence party member approval.

Those singular elements will then influence the whole of Dragon Age: Inquisition's story, opening up (or even closing) new quests for the player to undertake. It certainly sounds ambitious, but well within the expectations of a current-gen RPG.

Will you subscribe to EA Access just for this Dragon Age: Inquisition preview? Do you like BioWare's approach to story and consequence?

Dragon Age: Inquisition releases November 18, 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


Source: EA

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