The 10 Most Important Choices You’ll Make In Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age Inquisition is full of choices, from deciding the fate of a town from a war table to who will be the next ruler of a nation. There are tons of consequences both seen and yet unforeseen until the next game comes out. There are some choices that shake the foundations of Thedas, such as who is the next Divine while there are others that will just strongly affect the fate of an individual character.

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So what are the most important choices the Inquisitor makes in the game? Here are ten of them. Be warned, as there are definitely big spoilers ahead.

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10 Who Will Be The Next Divine

The beginning of the game starts with an explosion that kills a lot of people, including the Divine. Immediately, people want that position filled by either Cassandra or Leliana. After all, they were the right and left hand of the deceased Divine so they are obvious choices. There is a third choice though, and that is Vivianne who is a mage with a lot of power and social standing.

Whatever choice you make already shows changes int the games' epilogue and will definitely factor into the next game. All three choices have pretty different ideas about being Divine too.

9 Who To Leave In The Fade

Depending on your choices in previous games, you have either warden Loghain, Alistair, or Stroud. Whichever you have, you have to choose them or the life of the protagonist of the second game: Hawke. There is a huge fear demon in the Fade and someone has to stay behind to distract it for others to escape and it is up to you to choose who will sacrifice themselves.

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Most of these people are major characters in the series, making this one of the biggest choices in the game.

8 Templars Or Mages

This is a choice is almost every single Dragon Age game. It is not even a single choice, but it comes up multiple times. Inquisition gets this decision out of the way pretty quick in the first act though. You have to choose who the Inquisition will ally themselves with: the templars or mages? There are good arguments for either one of them and your team has pretty split opinions about who to choose.

Whichever you choose will make it so the other sides with the main villain.

7 Fate Of The Wardens

After escaping the Fade, you have another big choice to make. The Wardens played a large role in helping Corypheus, though many were mind-controlled. However, who is to say that they will not be mind-controlled again? Do they deserve a second chance?

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That is up to you. If you become allies, then they are grateful and it unlocks various missions on the war table. If you do not take them in, the Wardens scatter and their organization is going to need to do a lot of healing on its own.

6 Next Ruler Of Orlais

Like choosing the Divine, you have three major characters to choose from as the next ruler of Orlais: Celene, Briala, and Gaspard. Celene has had the throne for a while now and focuses mostly on culture, arts, and education. Gaspard is a man of war and Briala used to be Celene's girlfriend and servant. There is a book, The Masked Empire, which centers on these characters. For many fans, that book helped them make a choice.

Whoever you choose is likely to be of importance for a while. You can even choose to have Gaspard as a puppet ruler with Briala making the real decisions. Or you can get Briala and Celene back into a romantic relationship.

5 Drink Or Not Drink From The Well

Drinking from the well is one of the most difficult choices in the game because there are a lot of unknowns. You get to choose who drinks from this well of knowledge which the choices being between you and Morrigan. Morrigan is a major recurring character in the series and is known to work on her own agenda. However, it is hinted that the well might have some dark consequences for those who drink for its power. However, you do not really know until after you drink.

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Your companions all have different opinions. Solas and Cole warn against drinking while characters like Vivianne and Blackwall (if not romanced) think Morrigan cannot be trusted so you should drink.

4 Make Cole A Spirit Or Human

Cole is one of Dragon Age's most interesting characters, as he is part spirit and part human. He also is a major character from the book, Asunder. Eventually you, Solas, and Varric have to help Cole figure out his own identity. That leads to a decision that is split between Varric and Solas with you and the tie-breaker. Solas wants to make Cole more of a spirit while Varric thinks Cole will be happier as a human.

Whatever you choose already has huge consequences for Cole in the epilogue. If you make him more human, he gets into a romantic relationship. As a spirit though, he also leans more into his powers of mind-reading and helping people with his powers.

3 Save The Chargers Or Not

This was revealed a huge choice with possible dire consequences after the Trespasser DLC came out. Iron Bull has a mercenary team that he is very close to, but he is also one of the qunari. You eventually force him to choose between his Chargers and the Qun while on a mission. The Qun want to sacrifice the Chargers to save one of their warships.

If you choose to sacrifice them, Iron Bull then settles more into his role as a spy for the Qun. This is revealed to actually turn him against you in the epilogue, and you have to kill him. If you do save the Chargers though, he breaks all contact with the Qun and remains loyal to you.

2 Who You Romance

Who you romance unlocks different sidequests and character backstories. Romancable characters include Solas, Cullen, Josephine, Sera, Iron Bull, Cassandra, Blackwall, and Dorian. You get way more hints that Solas is the Dread Wolf if you romance him. If you do not romance Iron Bull or Dorian, there is a random chance that they will get together. You get to see more of certain characters depending on who you choose.

You can even get married to some of these choices in the epilogue.

1 Who The Inquisitor Is

Are you a mage? Elf? Dwarf? Male? Female? Qunari? Human?

All these choices will influences how other characters treat you. Dragon Age is a very sociologically aware world, so there is racism and sexism and fear of mages. In the quest Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts, elves and qunari actually get a decrease in social points at the beginning just for their race. Race and perceived gender is also what dictates your romance options.

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