Alistair Won't Be A Party Member In 'Dragon Age: Inquisition'

Dragon Age Inquisition Alistair Playable

Role-playing games are built just as much on the characters that populate them as they are on the narratives they weave, meaning players are highly likely to develop a strong bond with their chosen party members after hundreds of hours of gameplay. It's for that very reason that fans have held tightly to their hopes that certain Dragon Age favorites would make return in the series' newest iteration, Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Among the many colorful characters that the Warden meets in his or her first journey through Ferelden, one of the most noteworthy and memorable is former Templar recruit Alistair. Characterized by his upbeat nature and general likability, his return has been hoped for. Sadly though, Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah confirms that Alistair will not be returning as a party member.

Darrah took to Twitter to break the news, but didn't completely deny Alistair's inclusion in the game. While it may not be the ideal situation for gamers that had been wanting to develop a closer bond with the character or even rekindle a previous romance, his inclusion would at least allow his story to progress and grow. Really, isn't that all any caring gamer could want?


This news comes hot on the heels of word that Bioware will be sharing their character designs with budding designers, cosplayers and the like. It's clear that they want players to develop an even stronger connection with the characters that inhabit their game world, so if Alistair will not be included in a playable form, here's hoping that Bioware has a host of strong characters new and old that they are preparing to roll out for players.

While some may still look down on Dragon Age 2 as an unworthy sequel to 2009's hit OriginsInquisition seems to be hitting all the right notes. Not only does Bioware promise more customization in the upcoming title, but they are also taking the time to explore the history of Thedas through key locations. They're small touches, but in an RPG, depth and expanse is is the extra step that allows a fantasy world to take on much more lifelike qualities.

Alistair Not Party Member In Dragon Age Inquisition

Are you disappointed to hear that Alistair will not be returning as a party member? Are there any characters in particular that you would like to see return to the series?


Dragon Age: Inquisition is expected to release in Q3 2014 on the Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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