'Dragon Age: Inquisition' DLC Coming to PS4 in May

Dragon Age - Jaws of Hakkon trailer

The nature of a timed-exclusive, be it a full game, DLC or otherwise, is meant to boosts sales for one platform while excluding the others. It's not an uncommon move for publishers or developers to make, though it's largely unpopular in the eyes of players. Timed-exclusivity is part of the competition, yes, but surely there has to be a better alternative than making other groups of people wait for something in the hopes of one lone group having higher success. Of course, there are other options, like console exclusive DLC and retailer exclusive DLC.

Dragon Age: Inquisition avoided using the latter two methods, but with its first piece of DLC, Jaws of Hakkon, it went the timed-exclusive route, which disappointed a lot of PlayStation 4 owners. Prior to the DLC's release - which occurred shortly after its announcement - only the Xbox One and PC were present among the list of launch platforms for Inquisition's DLC, excluding even the Xbox 360.

Details regarding the Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC's release for PS3, PS4, and the Xbox 360 were incredibly scarce, to the point where one couldn't be blamed for thinking Hakkon would remain on the Xbox One and PC. However, it was later revealed that an exclusivity contract was preventing BioWare from discussing the DLC's release on other platforms, thereby confirming that it was a timed-exclusive. With this news, it was speculated that the terms would run out after a month or so, similar to other situations involving timed-exclusive content.

Dragon Age Inquisition Jaws of Hakkon - Riding a New Mount

Those holding out hope for that possibility, which could've placed the PS3, PS4, and 360 releases sometime in April, should brace themselves for a bit more disappointment. As revealed through the Official Dragon Age Twitter account, Jaws of Hakkon won't arrive on other platforms until May. When in May? Well, that information has yet to be given, so more waiting...


May is certainly a long time to wati for everyone that didn't have the implied foresight to play the game on the Xbox One or PC. Naturally, comments following the Twitter post have been mostly negative, albeit unsurprising: they have to wait to play Dragon Age: Inquisition's first DLC nearly two months after everyone else. Combine that with the fact that The Witcher 3 comes out on May 19, 2015, and you've got a lot of people that now have to decide which RPG gets their time; whereas both could've been played, if it wasn't for the timed-exclusivity deal.

The only real upside to this is that we now know when Dragon Age: Inquisition Jaws of Hakkon comes to other platforms...kinda. A month has been given, but no specific date. Perhaps BioWare and EA have yet to determine whether to release it before or after The Witcher 3.

Has Jaws of Hakkon's May release impacted your decision to play it? How? Outside of the DLC, how do you feel about timed-exclusives? They're an understandable method, but not one that always yields the best results.

Source: Dragon Age on Twitter

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