One of the great minds behind Dragon Age, series producer Mark Darrah, takes to social media to tease fans of BioWare games with a cryptic video message.

It’s a strange time to be a fan of BioWare IPs. While the developer itself is still churning out some of the greatest gaming content available today, internally there seems to a dramatic shift happening in the way those games will be getting made in the future. When David Gaider, the lead writer of Dragon Age: Inquisition, left BioWare just three months ago it was considered by many to be a changing of the guard within the company’s creative department. Then, rumors began to surface about the potential of a Dragon Age: Tactics game, a title that, if it ever exists, would surely draw inspiration from the other major RPG franchise that made the leap into tactical games – Final Fantasy.

Well, perhaps there was more to that rumor than the collective gaming community gave BioWare credit for. Mark Darrah, the series producer behind Dragon Age and the man who instigated those tactical rumors two months ago, tweeted out another mysterious message to fans of the highly praised fantasy series:

The video, which is enticingly titled “Oooh what’s this? Oh sorry”, shows off an unrecognizable logo for what appears to be a new BioWare project emblazoned on the cover of a small book, with a first page that reads “for internal use only”. It would appear that BioWare, far from being satisfied with just tormenting gamers’ emotions with RPG romance subplots, has no graduated to real world teasing over speculation that a new game announcement is imminent.

While the video doesn’t have any direct ties to the Dragon Age universe, the logo on the cover of the book Darrah flips through certainly looks tactical. There’s a castle tower that looks like a rook piece straight off of a chess board, and the flame that could also be a wolf’s head wouldn’t look out of place on a medieval coat of arms. Given the incredible success that Dragon Age: Inquisition enjoyed, it wouldn’t be a surprise if BioWare decided to explore the franchise through other genres. After all, having a series that’s successful spread over multiple genres and demographics will only strengthen the Dragon Age brand.

Of course, this is all speculation. For all the gaming world knows, Darrah is teasing an entirely new IP, or the rough beginnings of a project that hasn’t even progressed enough to be in development yet. Whatever it is, though, Darrah and the rest of the team at BioWare sure know how to keep the Internet guessing.

What do you think Darrah’s cryptic tweet is about? Would you play a Dragon Age tactical game? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Twitter (via Gamespot)