Dragon Age: The 5 Best (& Worst) Romances

Fans are dedicated to these characters, so lets get one thing straight. All of these romances are great and all these characters are complex. This list is only considering "worst" romances on a shallow level. We are not delving too deep here. We do realize that the drama in these relationships can be part of the fun. Another factor is that not every romance is the same depending on your in game choices. We are going to consider some choices that not everyone picks when thinking about these relationships.

So here are five relationships that are considered the best and five that are a bit more traumatic. Beware, spoilers ahead.

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10 Best: Dorian

Dorian is considered by many to be Bioware's greatest success in creating a satisfying gay romance. He is also the first character in the series to only romance male characters. Even for those who do not get in a relationship with Dorian, many agree that he is one of Dragon Age: Inquisition's most interesting characters. He comes from a land where inequality reins and his people are considered to be monsters who enslave and use blood magic to dominate society. He admits the faults of his home, but he also he wants to fight for it, and by fight for it, he means change it. He is very driven, witty, and romantic so romancing him is awesome.

9 Worst: Sebastian

This guy being seen as one of the worst should not surprise most. He was downloadable content, so he was just an add-on to a game that was already considered complete without him. Romancing him would be a predictable disappointment because he was but a second-thought to the writers. For those that want a sexual encounter, they will also be disappointed. Sebastian is a man of the Maker and has sworn off pleasures of the flesh. However, you can get him to be less of that by rival-romancing him. Even if you do that though, you do not get any payoff in the game. It will only be in your dreams and fanfiction.

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8 Best: Alistair

This pixelated man made many a gamer-girl swoon with his awkward advances and dumb jokes. He is the definition of "adorkable." He is with the player on their journey since the beginning and offers witty one liners and frequent emotional support. It is hard not to get attached to him, as he is a man of great empathy and emotion and his defense mechanism is cute jokes.

Just don't make Loghain a Grey Warden at the Landsmeet if you plan to romance him, or it'll go from the best to the worst romance in a matter of seconds.

7 Worst: Merrill

Poor Merrill is a Dragon Age character who was not given the best writing, especially when it came to her romance. The fact is that the romance isn't bad because of Merrill, but because of your options on how to treat her in that romance. In Dragon Age 2, you can rival romance or friend romance. With Merrill, both of those options turn out not so great. As a rival, Hawke is very controlling of her and it hurts a little to watch. As a friend though, you have to not question her bad decisions. There is a great lack of middle ground that a lot of fans have found to make them uncomfortable with this romance.

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6 (Best) Cassandra

Cassandra is one of Dragon Age's coolest female characters. Many fans wish she was gay, but she is only romancable by male Inquisitors. She is a favorite because while she is very honorable, serious, and strong, she is also into very cheesy romance. She loves poems and romance novels, and this tickles Dragon Age fans and characters to no end.

Her character changed a lot since we saw her interrogate Varric in the second game, and it was definitely for the better. The romance also can change a lot depending on your game choices, such as who becomes the next Divine or whether the Seekers should be rebuilt or abandoned.

5 Worst: Sera

Sera's romance is only the worst if you play a Dalish elf. If you play a Dalish elf, you are going to have a bad time romancing Sera. Sera absolutely hates the Dalish, and believes their culture is stupid. In fact, the moment she meets you for the first time and sees that you're an elf, she tells you she is disappointed. Just being Dalish without romancing her can be a challenge of patience, but romancing her as a Dalish is very toxic. She wants you to give up your culture and will make fun of said culture throughout the whole relationship.

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4 Best: Zevran

This assassin captured many gamer hearts in Dragon Age: Origins. Sure, he attempted to kill you when you first met but that only made the romance more juicy. Also, he spoke in a very pretty accent, had wit, and an emotional backstory. What more can you ask for?

He is a fun character to romance because he has a lot of hidden depth. That is part of what makes romancing characters in Dragon Age so rewarding. You get to learn more about them. Zevran reveals himself to be sentimental, kind, and conflicted.

3 Worst: Anders

What makes Anders the worst is a matter of taste. After all, him being partly possessed by a spirit/demon is fascinating in a romance. However his romance definitely would be considered the worst in a real life situation. A lot of players hate his romance because he betrays you at the end of the game by keeping his plot to blow up the Chantry a secret. If you rival romance him, the entire relationship seems abusive and wrong as well.

He also sets off a lot of red flags from the beginning such as "I will drown us both in blood to keep you safe." That may be romantic to some, but a lot of players took that as a warning to not romance this character.

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2 (Best) Morrigan

Morrigan sits as one of the best partly because of her plot relevance in the series. Her character is the face of Dragon Age. Due to that, there is a lot to her and her romance. A big deal is that she is the only romance that you can have a baby with. That is kind of a big deal.

Besides plot and baby, she a mysterious woman. She has a lot to open up about if you romance her. Also, a romance complicates her independent nature, which is interesting. Like Alistair, she also is with you from the beginning of Dragon Age: Origins.

1 (Worst) Blackwall

Blackwall is like Solas, but far less interesting. Like Solas, he lies about his identity throughout most of the relationship. Instead of being an ancient elf god though, he is just a non-Grey Warden criminal. To a lot of fans it was surprising, but not catastrophic.

There are a lot of fans that see Blackwall as too "dad-like" to romance. Maybe it's the beard? In any case, fans have complained about him being too clingy and even boring despite his big lie reveal.

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