Dragon Age 4 Restarted at BioWare After Hudson Returned

dragon age 4 development restarted

At the Game Awards 2018, developer BioWare teased the next entry into the Dragon Age franchise with an officially untitled game commonly referred to as Dragon Age 4. According to a leak just before the reveal, the reason the game does not even have a proper title is because of how little work has been put into the latest entry, which can sound surprising since the last entry was 2014 Game of the Year. But this was supposedly so that BioWare could be all hands on deck for a successful Anthem launch, which didn't pan out as intended either.

Now, thanks to an explosive report by Kotaku, we know that Anthem was only in production for 18 months, and the E3 2017 demo was mostly fake. Because of this, many may be worried about Dragon Age, and it seems that the development hell of Anthem may have already taken its toll. In fact, to stay the flames of Anthem in production, there were some massive internal changes.

One of these is the replacement of BioWare general manager Aaryn Flynn with the returning Casey Hudson. Then, BioWare internally canceled Joplin, the then-code name for the next Dragon Age, with many developers stating they were excited by creative director Mike Laidlaw's vision for the return of Solas. Shortly after Joplin was canceled, Laidlaw left BioWare after working there for 14 years.

BioWare, now operating under Casey Hudson, restarted the development of Dragon Age 4 with a tiny team under the code name of Morrison. This would be the Dragon Age teased at the Game Awards 2018. The main reason that the team was shrunk was so that the studio could move its developers to Anthem, in order to release it on time. Whether this negatively affects the release of Dragon Age 4 or not remains to be seen, but Executive Producer Mark Darrah claims to have put together a developer dream team for the title.

To his credit, Kotaku's explosive report paints Darrah as the man with a plan who managed to pull the frayed Anthem together at the end of its production. Darrah was also working on Joplin before it was canceled, so while many may be worried about the fate of Dragon Age 4, it is hopefully in the right hands.

Dragon Age 4 is currently in development for unspecified platforms.

Source: Kotaku

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