BioWare Creative Director Says Dragon Age 4 is Not Confirmed

dragon age 4 not confirmed

When fans of the beloved Dragon Age franchise caught word that studio BioWare was working on a new Dragon Age game, chaos and excitement ensued. But now, those dreams have seemingly been dashed to a slight degree. Dragon Age creative director Mike Laidlaw has stated that Dragon Age 4 isn't definitively set in stone just yet.

It began on Twitter, when a Dragon Age fan asked Laidlaw about the events of Dragon Age: Inquisition's final DLC, Trespasser. "Mike, is there a chance that DA4 starts before Trespasser, so Trespasser becomes AU? Or is [the] DLC ending canon?" user @LeidaPaleo questioned. Laidlaw responded simply: "DA4 is not confirmed. Trespasser is canon."

The director continued to discuss the buzz surrounding the new Dragon Age title, which, despite previous media outlet reports, isn't actually the fourth main franchise game. As Laidlaw explained, "There is a Dragon Age project happening. It is not confirmed as the fourth main game in the series. Many sites have run with the rumor."

Some may view Laidlaw's comments as going against ones he's made in the past, particularly the instance in which he referenced a "theoretical game four." However, this statement was in relation to BioWare's proclivity for planning two games into the future for the Dragon Age series and not a reference to Dragon Age 4, with the full quote reading: "I could tell you what could be in a theoretical game five, if there were a theoretical game four happening."

On the flip side, Laidlaw has also teased that BioWare is preparing for a new Dragon Age when he fielded a handful of questions about whether or not the team was working on another installment.  It was a cryptic remark, in which he said "something was happening" with the franchise. When combining it with his recent Twitter clarification, one could easily surmise that the impending Dragon Age project in question is one outside the main series, perhaps a prequel or spinoff-style title.

Laidlaw is a BioWare veteran with nearly 15 years experience with the company, and previously took full creative direction for Dragon Age: Inquisition, so it's evident that he will have a major hand in whatever game is next added to the franchise – Dragon Age 4, secret side project, or otherwise.

The next Dragon Age game hasn't yet been confirmed.

Source: Mike Laidlaw - Twitter

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