Dragon Age 4 Dev Update Shared by BioWare GM

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While Dragon Age 4 may be years away from release, BioWare's seen fit to let some news out regarding the upcoming RPG. In a letter from BioWare general manager Casey Hudson, Hudson explains recent events between the Edmonton and Austin BioWare studios. After providing updates for BioWare's two live projects, Anthem and Star Wars: The Old Republic, Hudson briefly mentions "Other Stuff Going On." It's here that Hudson brings up Dragon Age 4.

"We have several other big projects in the works," Hudson starts, before clarifying that "they're super-secret right now." He goes on to say how BioWare Edmonton has a "large and growing team" tied to one of those projects. Edmonton is now working this project through pre-production. Finally, Casey clarifies that, "based on the progress I'm seeing, I can confirm that indeed the Dread Wolf rises."

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Casey is referring to the elven god of betrayal, Fen'Harel, who is also known as the Dread Wolf. The Dread Wolf is a part of the Dragon Age franchise's mythology and a particularly significant role in Dragon Age: Inquisition's Trespasser expansion. This god is also a primary focus of the upcoming Dragon Age sequel, informally referred to as Dragon Age 4. Casey is saying that Dragon Age 4 pre-production is moving forward and Edmonton is growing its development team for the project.

That Casey is talking about Dragon Age 4 is only obvious due to BioWare officially announcing the game during The Game Awards 2018. BioWare shared a short teaser trailer depicting the Dread Wolf and a mysterious character with their arm upraised. An artifact named the Lyrium Idol floats between them. As Solas, a character from Dragon Age: Inquisition, speaks in the background, the hashtag #TheDreadWolfRises is shown at the end of the trailer.

As exciting as it is to get an update on BioWare's next major project, to hear that Dragon Age 4 development is moving forward, it's important to contain that enthusiasm. Dragon Age 4 is still in pre-production. That means that development of the game still has a lot of its development ahead of it. It's likely to be years before Dragon Age 4 comes together. Though the exception to that rule is BioWare's Anthem, which launched less than two years after ending pre-production. Hopefully, BioWare takes as much time as it needs.

Dragon Age 4 has no confirmed release window or confirmed platforms.

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