Dragon Age 4 Teased at the Game Awards 2018

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Without a doubt, when BioWare general manager Casey Hudson revealed news concerning the next installment in the Dragon Age franchise was coming soon, fans of the fantasy role-playing series turned eagle eye toward the Game Awards 2018. Now, fans have had their first glimpse at the next entry, which includes a voiceover by the fan-favorite companion and betrayer of the Inquisition, Solas.

This Dragon Age tease falls in lines with rumors circulating before the game awards ceremony. As predicted, it was just a simple tease, showcasing images that tie into the character of Solas, and it ends with the appropriate hashtag, #thedreadwolfrises. Moreover, because it did not show any release window, it makes the 3-year release speculation seem much more likely.

It's also worth mentioning that this game is likely super early in development, as the same Dragon Age 4 rumors indicate that the game does not even have an appropriate title yet. However, many diehard fans of the franchise are likely happy just to hear confirmation that the next installment is in the works, so check out the official Dragon Age 4 tease below:

As many may remember, the dread wolf Solas was last seen in the Inquisition Trespasser DLC when the elven mage permanently disarmed the Inquisitor. The story to that DLC likely hinted at the plot of the forthcoming game, but it also teased Tevinter as the next in-game location. Of course, until more details about Dragon Age 4 become available, this is all in the hands of BioWare, but Tevinter would make the most sense lore-wise.

All things considered, fans of the franchise probably have a long wait on their hands, and it's worth mentioning that Inqusition initially launched back in 2014. If the game doesn't launch for three years, that would place Dragon Age 4 in 2021, seven years after the previous entry. While this may seem like an incredibly long period of time, it's likely because of how focused on Anthem BioWare has been, which also had a powerful presence at the Game Awards 2018.

Dragon Age 4 is currently in development.

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