Will We Learn More About Dragon Age 4 at the Dragon Age Celebration?

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Last month, BioWare and fans of the franchise celebrated the 10-year anniversary of Dragon Age, but the party doesn't end there. Not unlike Mass Effect's N7 Day, it seems that the developers are planning a celebration of all things Dragon Age on December 4, 2019, which it has dubbed "Dragon 4ge Day." As such, it seems clear that the next entry in the franchise, the unofficially titled Dragon Age 4, will have some presence.

The first hint is in the very name of the event, "Dragon 4ge Day." It could be argued that the 4 is meant to represent December 4, making it likely that December was chosen because it also began with the letter "D." This would coincide with the same rationale for N7 Day being on November 7; however, there's little reason that it could not also indicate the presence of Dragon Age 4. The title including this tease and choosing this date would have less purpose if it were without the next entry.

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On top of that, it's nearly been a full year since the first official Dragon Age 4 teaser released at the Game Awards 2018. Little info has trickled out since then, so to have a Dragon Age celebration one year later but not include anything showing the future of the franchise would seem odd. That said, it's not likely to be anything of serious substance as most reports indicate that it was not far into development when it was teased at the Game Awards.

It's also important that BioWare takes its time and chooses its battles in terms of revealing information. Many fans of the developer feel spurned by the releases of Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem, feeling as if the developer has lost its magic. Rushing another game out would like be a death knell and a final nail in the coffin for the studio, but there is good news. With Dragon Age 4 on the far horizon, a new Mass Effect game in development, and Anthem reportedly receiving a massive overhaul not unlike Final Fantasy 14's complete reset, the future of BioWare looks bright, but execution is key.

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The question of a Dragon Age 4 reveal during Dragon 4ge Day seems to be more of a question of what than if, and once again, it's not likely to be any of serious substance. After all, the Dragon Age 4 release date is still far off, and it arguably should be. This would also rule out other typical game reveals such as new Dragon Age characters, gameplay, features, or more. Story-wise, there's little need to reveal anything, as the ending to the Trespasser DLC set up the next game rather clearly.

But there are two things that seem likely to grace the event, or at the very least, one of them. The most likely is another teaser to be focused on Solas once again. Or perhaps this teaser would focus one of the other areas known about the game such as Tevinter or the role of the Inquisition - after all, the Inquisition's fate at the end of the Dragon Age Trespasser DLC poses a ton of questions for its future.

The less likely but probably biggest reveal that could come of this event would be the official title for Dragon Age 4, perhaps even conjoined to the aforementioned teaser. There was no official title revealed at The Game Awards 2018, simply because this project was not far enough into development to comfortably settle on one, but perhaps this has been resolved a year later. A proper title would do just enough to build hype but not so much that it becomes damaging prior to its presumed Fiscal Year 2022 release date. Either way, it almost sees like a guarantee that something will come of the event, however small, so Dragon Age fans should keep this event on their radar.

Dragon Age 4 is in development for unspecified platforms.

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