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Dragon Age

BioWare, the studio responsible for the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises, has not always been a fan of the multiplayer element that is so overwhelmingly popular in most video games released in today's market. The company recently let the cat out of the bag that Mass Effect 3 will not have multiplayer after much rumor and speculation so, the question is, why on earth did BioWare hire multiplayer programmers back in 2010? The answer to that question could be to implement multiplayer into Dragon Age 3, according to the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine (OPM).

The rumor is in the 'Inside Whispers' section of the magazine, and it quite plainly says:

"More elf sexy time! Dragon Age 3 is on the way, with an added multiplayer component."

The addition of multiplayer to the Dragon Age series would see the title creep further into the mainstream.  We saw a revised combat system for Dragon Age 2 which some of the fans of Dragon Age: Origins were none too impressed by, as the pressing need for a tactical and measured approach was replaced by a more straightforward combat system where it is pretty easy to kill enemies without the need for special abilities. That's not to say we didn't like the game – it was visually rich and fun to play – although the ending did leave a lot to be desired, but hopefully BioWare will improve upon that in the next outing for the series. Check out our review of the Dragon Age 2 for more insight into the title.

A rumor such as this wouldn't carry much weight anywhere else, but it is worth nothing the Official part of the title of the Official PlayStation Magazine – It wouldn't be too far-fetched an idea to assume that the magazine is the first port of call for studios hoping to get the Hype machine up and running with a little snippet if information.

Perhaps the multiplayer will be a co-op mode, allowing  and players to play through Dragon Age 3 with a friend or two, which we think could be a pretty good idea. Better that than straightforward team deathmatch type modes, which Electronic Arts already have covered with a plethora of other titles and most recently, with Crysis 2. Co-op is an underrated feature, and a feature that would make an RPG such as Dragon Age much more interesting.

Do you think BioWare would be making a good decision by including a multiplayer element in Dragon Age 3? Would you prefer that the company opted for a multiplayer feature in Mass Effect 3 instead? Or should BioWare just forget about multiplayer altogether? Let us know in the comments.


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