BioWare may be keeping their plans for the next generation of consoles under wraps for now, in regards to Mass Effect, Dragon Age and a still-unannounced franchise. Next up for the developer is Dragon Age: Inquisition – a brand new chapter in the series’ fiction that looks to be bigger than any which preceded it.

While fans (or former fans) of the series may be anxious to see the levels of customization or RPG systems in store for Inquisition, for now, a few screenshots will have to suffice. The images are as technically impressive as is to be expected, but does provide even more of a hint of which returning characters will play key roles in the game’s plot.

The images comes from BioWare directly, the first embedded within a blog post from studio programmer Matt Komsthoeft. It may not be as promising as some of the early concept art for Dragon Age 3 – before the number was dropped from the title for some interesting reasons – but seeing as it represents actual in-game assets, we’ll take it.

Feast your eyes on the first official Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshot:

Dragon Age Inquisition Screenshot


An image of what appears to be a military war room is no surprise, given the leaked story details of a game world standing on the brink of total chaos. Unfortunately, eagle-eyed fans will notice that the screenshot is a direct pull from the E3 2013 cinematic trailer, albeit in higher definition. The central figure in the image is none other than Dragon Age 2‘s Cassandra Pentaghast; her presence in the trailer implied she would be a main character, and this being the first image released confirms our suspicions.

A few more grabs from the trailer have since appeared on BioWare’s Facebook page, so have a look in case these moments were too quick to catch:

Komsthoeft went on to explain his excitement over the current state of development on Inquisition, as the studio is making one of the first RPGs built on the Frostbite 3 game engine. It’s the same engine that will be powering the next Mass Effect game, so the raw potential for creating bigger and more detailed worlds is good news for all of the studio’s fans.

Of course, with Skyrim putting nearly all other open-world RPGs to shame on the previous generation, and games like The Witcher 3 raising the bar on next-gen systems, BioWare will have to truly excel to garner attention. Only a closer look at gameplay will put concerns to rest, so hopefully we’ll have more details and evidence sooner rather than later.

What do you think of Dragon Age: Inquisition so far? Will the story be what finally convinces you that it’s one to watch out for, or is there just too much competition in the next-gen RPG space to decide before launch?

Dragon Age: Inquisition is expected to release in 2014 for the Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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Source: BioWare, Facebook