'Dragon Age 2' Unboxing Video Confirms 'Mass Effect 2 Arrival' DLC

Dragon Age 2 Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC

While Bioware has made it clear that there will be one more major Mass Effect 2 expansion, details on the DLC have been sparse. In January, PlayStation 3 owners were given a hint of the new content when a patch added new trophies, including one titled "Arrival." Now fans can start drooling in anticipation, because within the box for Bioware's next big game, Dragon Age 2, lies a teasing message that "the ARRIVAL has begun."

As stated before, this DLC will be the last expansion for Mass Effect 2 and will probably be set very close to the beginning of Mass Effect 3. The trophies for this expansion establish that it will be a rescue mission and that, just as in Mass Effect 2, the threat of death hangs over Shepard or another character's head. Even characters who survived the suicide mission may not survive The Arrival.

Take a look at the full unboxing video, and see if you can spot any other interesting pieces of information.


The reapers are one of the best villains in popular culture. They really do everything right in terms of coming off as scary and cool, just like Darth Vader. They ooze power from every pore, they fear nothing, they kill mercilessly and inexplicably, and worst of all, they are enigmatic to an extreme. A single reaper managed to nearly destabilize the galaxy and bring it to its knees, and Mass Effect 3's debut trailer shows that Shepard is going to be dealing with a heck of a lot more of them this time around.

Mass Effect 2 was a game that focused on preparation. The bulk of it was spent running around recruiting soldiers to fight for you when it came down to the suicide mission at the end, and along the arc of both ME games, one can see that certain interactions and decisions will play directly into the level of preparedness for the final battle in the third game. But even with all of the preparation, one has to ask, "Will it be enough?" The reapers have been around for millions of years, they are experts at one thing, and one thing only: genocide on a galactic scale. Nobody could stop them before, even with excessive numbers, so whatever forces you array against the reapers, numbers probably won't be enough.

Bioware is (rightly) keeping hush on details for the new DLC, possibly because this one might give us the most important weapon to use against the reapers that we've gotten so far. Tell us your ideas on what The Arrival might entail for Shepard, and what would you like to see added to the story for Mass Effect 3. Comment and share, Ranters!

Dragon Age 2 releases March 8, 2011, for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

The Arrival DLC for Mass Effect 2 remains officially unannounced, but it's only a matter of time.

Source: TheUnboxerHD

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