'Dragon Age 2' Dev Diary Shows PC Combat

Dragon Age 2 PC Combat Video

People antsy to finally take a look at the combat and HUD of Dragon Age 2 will no longer have to worry. BioWare has released a new video showcasing combat taking place on the PC copy of the game. Hosted by DA2's lead designer, Mike Laidlaw (this is a cool name), the video shows both the pause-and-plan combat that was featured in Dragon Age: Origins and a straight up action approach to the situation.

Finally, the video shows the Rogue class in play, complete with maneuverability and sneaky moves. Again, you will be able to pick between a Mage, Warrior, and Rogue class, as well as Hawke's sex. The game describes Rogues as:

"Rogues can wield a dagger in each hand or rain arrows from a distance. They are particularly adept at tearing down individual opponents, and are the only class that can pick locks or disarm traps."


The real-time gameplay is a lot faster than what was seen in Origins. Having spent time with the Rogue class before, it's very much about the player being active in the fight. The tactical gameplay that many fans of Origins loved is back again and offers the same great service of allowing players to coordinate their team to the fullest extent possible.

There are also some minor changes to the HUD, with the team health/stamina meter being placed in the bottom left now, and what appears to be a poultice counter on the bottom right.

A few new abilities are also available among the various classes. The Rogue's Rain of Arrows, specifically because it was based around a crossbow user and it presented the Rogue with an Area of Effect attack. Knockdown is also new, allowing the Rogue to trip enemies to set them up for harder hits. It seems that abilities were either added or tweaked to match with the title's gameplay.

Check out some info on the game's female tank character, Aveline and the last development diary discussing how Dragon Age 2 came to be.

Dragon Age 2 will be releasing on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on March 8, 2011.

Source: BioWare

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