Gamers looking to purchase EA’s Dragon Age 2 on Steam will find themselves out of luck – as the game has just been yanked from the digital store.

The removal of Dragon Age 2 coincides with the release of the highly anticipated “Legacy” DLC. It’s unclear at the time of writing what issue caused the game to be removed – with neither Steam nor EA offering an explanation.

Speculation suggests that the issue is born out EA’s desire to sell the DLC exclusively through the Dragon Age 2 in-game store – which goes against a recent amendment to the Steam Store code of conduct, stipulating that DLC must be made available through the Steam storefront as a standalone purchase. It’s worth noting that Dragon Age: Origins also utilizes an in-game DLC distribution system – and has yet to be removed from Valve’s store.

[Update: As expected, it’s like the in-game DLC that caused Steam to remove Dragon Age 2 from its store, much like what happened with Crysis 2. EA isn’t impressed.]

For anyone unfamiliar with the DLC, Dragon Age 2 “Legacy” costs 800 BioWare Points and extends the back story of Hawke’s family lineage as well as offers several new locations for the gamer to explore – including a prison made by Grey Wardens. The DLC is available via the in-game store right now and current Steam owners will still be able to access the marketplace to make the Legacy purchase as well as re-download the Dragon Age 2 (if need-be). Only new purchases of Dragon Age 2 have been blocked on Steam – and the game is still available on other digital platforms.

First Details For Dragon Age 2 Legacy Emerge

Dragon Age 2 joins an increasingly large list of EA games that no longer appear on the Steam store. The removal of Crysis 2 last month drew widespread criticism from users of the platform – who were dismayed by EA seemingly removing games in order to promote their brand new digital store, Origin. While EA maintained that the removal was due to a breach of terms and conditions, news that titles such as Battlefield 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic are set to skip the popular PC storefront will only further fuel this speculation.

What do you think about the removal of Dragon Age 2 from Steam? Is EA actually pulling high-profile titles to cripple Steam?

The Dragon Age 2 “Legacy” DLC is available now on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC versions of the game.

Source: Eurogamer