See Hawke in Action with these First Dragon Age II Screens

Dragon Age II - Concept Art

Gameinformer keeps rolling out the information for the sequel to the acclaimed title, Dragon Age: Origins. So far, there's been some pretty base information regarding the title, followed up by information regarding the title's protagonist, Hawke.

Vague details pertaining to story and setting are great, but what people really want are screens and video of the game in action. Unfortunately, the latter has yet to come out, but on the flip side, the first screens for Dragon Age II have been provided, showing Hawke in his "I'm killing Darkspawn" mode.

Dragon Age 2 Ogre

The graphics still look a little rough around the edges, but I'm sure the coming months will allow the team to polish a bit more. While it's nice to see the first screens of the game emerge, I can't help but think they still look they haven't really improved much over Dragon Age: Origins. The character models look a little blocky and flat and nothing really stands out about it. The ogre, to me, looks less frightening then it did in the prequel which is a bit confusing, considering ogres were one of the more terrifying monsters in the world.

Again, I can't be too judgmental, seeing how these have been the first screens released and coming screens will (most likely) look a bit better. Then again, as long as the game still provides me with that great Darkspawn slaying action and character customization, I'll definitely be looking forward to the sequel, as are many of you.

One last thing, it's also a good thing to note that character customization will not be removed from Dragon Age 2 and that Hawke will not be exclusively a Warrior. He probably looks just as awesome backstabbing as a Rogue or casting fireballs as a Mage. Hell, he might even have a few more tricks up his sleeve if BioWare chooses to incorporate new classes for the sequel.

Dragon Age II will be coming eventually for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Source: GameInformer

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