'Dragon Age 2' Features Penny Arcade Made Belt, the Hindsight

Dragon Age 2 Hindsight Belt

If you weren't already excited about all the in-game content you were going to receive in Dragon Age 2 with the BioWare Signature Edition, you should be even more excited that the webcomic masters at Penny-Arcade has been working with BioWare to include their own item. Is it a sword? A shield? Medieval versions of Air Force Ones? Nay, it is a belt. Pivotal to keeping the pants aloft on any warrior fighting the darkspawn.

The Belt of Hindsight which was forged by a plucky dwarf who wanted his own notoriety through an unorthodox creation, protects its wearer from the same grisly fate met by the previous owner. Ironically, the belt develops a resistance to the very thing that kills the owner, and it remains preserved for future owners to be protected from. What protections can you expect?

"Thaulid Hammerspur, fire.Gorgut The Wizened, poison.Vil Arak, stabbed forty-three times.Haliath Baronet, witches."

You can see the official backstory of the belt on the official Dragon Age 2 website, or check out the belt's trailer right here:

The first two resistances seem to serve a good purpose, you can expect to run into a lot of fire and poison along your adventure. Being stabbed exactly forty-three times might be a bit more difficult to come by. What if you're stabbed forty-two or forty-four times? Not to mention, how exactly does protection from witches work? No matter, the first two ought to serve you well along your battles with the darkspawn.

No details on how the item will be granted to users, but it will most likely be made available through Dragon Age 2's 'Cerberus Network' on launch day as a reward for owners of brand-new copies.

Dragon Age 2 will let you live the life of a hero that's not killed by fire, poison, forty-three stabbings, or witches on March 8, 2011 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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