'Dragon Age 2' Not PC Port, Has Equal Visuals Across Platforms

Dragon Age 2 Not PC Port

When Dragon Age: Origins was first released, many console gamers were disappointed to find out that their PC cohorts were experiencing a much more polished experience — especially in the area of visuals and control scheme. While all signs pointed to the fact that Origins was merely a PC port, the overwhelming enthusiasm gamers felt for the title took precedence over that inferiority complex.

For Dragon Age II, BioWare has vowed not to repeat the sins of Origins, but instead promise to make the titles equally impressive across all platforms.

What each of those versions — console and PC — will also be sporting is a newly revamped combat system that keeps the strategic elements of Origins, but also offers a faster paced style.

For those who might be worried that Dragon Age II might have lost some of its spirit as compared to Origins, Producer Fernando Melo says that's not the case.

Along with confirming Origins' console inferiority, Melo made it clear that all of the “good” will be returning this time around:

"We're obviously keeping all the good stuff and we made a short list of everything we thought needed improvement. Consistently, they kept coming up in reviews and fan feedback, and for us it came down to the visual style. As well received as Dragon Age was, 'art' kept coming up and particularly so on the consoles. It was a PC game that was ported to consoles and I think they suffered a little bit because of that. That was something we wanted to get right."

Based on first look trailers for the game and our hands-on impressions of the demo, Dragon Age II takes huge steps to not only differentiate itself from Origins, but to create gameplay that is fun for all types of players. Furthermore, though relegated to one town the game will provide a dynamic experience through the various companions players will meet (or purchase) along the way.

No matter which version you end up purchasing, know that there is a compelling story and exciting gameplay ahead.

Which version of Dragon Age II will you be picking up: console or PC? Do you agree that Origins was inferior on the console, or were you too busy having fun to notice?

Dragon Age II is out now for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: CVG

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