We had first brought you news of Felicia Day’s involvement in the Dragon Age II universe some time before the game, and the web series she co-wrote, released, but now we have some post-release news that should delight fans of Day and DA2. In a new piece of DLC for the game, Day will be reprising the role of Tallis (albeit in voice and animation form), to join Hawke on a quest to steal an ancient relic.

While details are still fairly slim as to how Tallis encounters Hawke, and ends up joining his troop, BioWare has released a trailer for the DLC, titled ‘Mark of the Assassin.’

Part of what makes Tallis a worthy addition to Dragon Age II is her use of stealth maneuvers to take down foes, and of course getting to see a new face after questing for 40+ hours. Along the way players will encounter new enemies, new environments, and a ton more loot for them collect — the same additions made with the last DLC, Legacy.

Largely considered a more action-oriented RPG with the new additions, Dragon Age II now lets players can stick to the shadows and take enemies down with style. With the new additons, it kind of seems like ‘Mark of the Assassin’ is essentially Dragon Age II’s version of Kasumi – Lost Memory.

Check out the trailer:


So yes, ‘Mark of the Assassin’ doesn’t do anything terribly revolutionary in terms of its concept, but the edition of Felicia Day’s Tallis should be enough to warrant a purchase for loyal Dragon Age fans. The main game might not have been exactly what gamers were looking for in terms of improvements (even though the PC version has been taking strides to get to that point), but DLC is still BioWare’s way of keeping their greatest talent, storytelling, going.

Are you ready to jump back into the world of Dragon Age II with ‘Mark of the Assassin’? Any fans of the Dragon Age web series more intrigued by this standalone quest than the main one?

Dragon Age II ‘Mark of the Assassin’ is shooting for an October 11th release date on what we assume is all platforms, but stick tuned for more news as Electronic Arts and BioWare continue to roll out details.

Source: YouTube