Dragon Age 2's Ferelden Will Be Familiar Thanks To Importing

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If you're like me, then you've been curious about Bioware's plans for importing saved data into Dragon Age 2. Taking a look at their recent hit Mass Effect 2, we all had a feeling that Bioware would bring over at least some information from the character you created in the first game. After discovering that the protagonist in Bioware's upcoming fantasy RPG is pre-defined however, the hope of transferring your game became fleeting, if non-existent. Well, for the Ranters out there that have put an embarrassing amount of hours into last year's role-playing epic need not worry; it wasn't in vain. Lead designer Mike Laidlaw chimes in on the topic of importing data in a recent interview with NowGamer.

According to Mike, since we obviously won't be importing anything character related, Bioware has chosen to import the state of your "world," as it were, from Dragon Age Origins. Says Mr. Laidlaw:

"Who's in charge of Ferelden, what happened with the Dwarves, who's running Orzammar? All of these things are reflected and accounted for in Dragon Age 2."

Laidlaw didn't go further into details concerning their import plans, but it's probably reasonable to expect to see a lot of familiar faces from Origins in Dragon Age 2. Shown off recently at PAX Prime 2011, we offered you hands on impressions and thought that the action was great, character classes are more defined, and problems found in the first game have been remedied. Though Bioware is making a lot of drastic changes to Dragon Age 2, it's nice to know that Origins won't be dismissed and we'll get to see the aftermath of what happened during the final act.

At the end of my playthrough, Alistair was King of Ferelden. What happened for you when you finished Dragon Age Origins? What characters do you most want to see make a return for the sequel? Would you still prefer a player created character as opposed to one that's come from the minds at Bioware? Let your voice be heard! Sound off in the comments below.

Dragon Age 2 will breath fire on your PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on March 8th, 2011 (NA) and March 11, 2011 (EU).

Source: NowGamer

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