Depending on how you felt about BioWare’s latest RPG Dragon Age 2, the wait for any word on DLC or expansions has been hard to take for any number of reasons. If you loved the action-oriented combat and storytelling, then the months since release have left you aching for even more content to enjoy. If you couldn’t stand the changes made, then you’ve had a few months to cool off, and hope the DLC would correct those same mistakes. We can’t tell you which it will be, but we can tell you that BioWare has confirmed they’ll be unveiling the newest DLC for Dragon Age 2 at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con in July.

[Update: New details on the title and achievements for the DLC have been leaked, giving an idea at what kind of adventure is awaiting the entire Hawke family. Click here for details!]

We’re not interested in starting up the argument over whether or not the changes made from Dragon Age: Origins to DA2 were for the better or worse, we simply recognize that the tweaks and shift in direction left plenty of fans disappointed.

The rage of jilted fans poured across BioWare’s community forums, and while the hardcore may have felt they’d been completely abandoned, the developers have heard the complaints loud and clear. But rather than calling one group or the other completely wrong, the team at BioWare argued that the added aspects could be made better, and weren’t a lost cause as some thought. The optimistic gamers no doubt saw the first batch of DLC as the company’s first chance to show that the complaints truly had an impact.

Earlier this month, BioWare’s Luke Barrett addressed those community members wondering why the DLC had yet to arrive by explaining what was in the works, and why it was taking longer than many had hoped:

“The news so far on the DLC is that there is a STORY DLC in the works and it has taken so long because we pushed it back to make sure it addressed concerns users were having with the direction DA2 went in. I suspect you’ll hear something more concrete some time soon.”

Just over a week later we have some new details, and while a release date is still being kept under wraps, we do know the day that the launch day will be revealed. Hey, we’re not happy to be kept waiting either. BioWare will once again be returning to San Diego Comic-Con to show off Mass Effect 3 to those unable to catch the E3 gameplay demo earlier this month. They also revealed on their forum that they would be bringing Dragon Age 2‘s first DLC with them as well.

It’s anyone’s guess whether that means a playable demo, a cinematic trailer, or merely a title, but either way we’re eager to know what they have in store. Enough time has passed to have put together a sizable story expansion, and considering how divided the fanbase was over the game’s approach to role-playing, this could be a chance to bring the two sides back together.

That won’t be easy, but we only have a few weeks to wait until we get a better idea of how the developers are planning to pull it off. What do you hope to see from the first Dragon Age 2 DLC? Do you want to see more of the same, some slight tweaks, or an all-out expansion like OriginsAwakening? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Dragon Age 2 is available now for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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