Bioware Reveals Dragon Age 2's 'Destiny' Trailer and Release Date

Dragon Age II - Concept Art

Fans have a million questions about Dragon Age 2 and the changes that will be made to the sequel. One thing is certain though, they still know how to make a fine looking cinematic trailer. Debuted earlier today at Gamescom, 'Destiny' shows Hawke in a one on one fight filled with swordplay, magic and what looks like demon summoning.

Bioware was also kind enough to sneak in a release date at the end of the trailer. Expect to see Dragon Age 2 on store shelves beginning March 8, 2011, or March 11 if you're in Europe.

Take a look at the protagonist of Dragon Age 2 in full bloodlust:

Don't tell anyone, but I was hoping Hawke would die at the end so I could bring back my dwarf guardian. Seriously though, I couldn't be any more surprised over a trailer than I am right now. When the greater Dragon Age 2 community is wondering whether Hawke is simply the new Commander Shepard, Bioware releases a trailer featuring zero companion characters and relatively no story context. I can't help but hide my dismay.

Of course, that's not to say that Dragon Age 2 doesn't look great, but I think it's best put as walking into an ice cream shop and knowing they don't have your favorite flavor anymore.

There other significant changes going on behind the scenes too, including a complete racial change for the Qunari, who were once simply large people and are now horned demons like the one that appeared in the trailer. Then there's also the combat, which is said to be taking on a more flamboyant quality. I initially thought this might be limited to giant leaps and such, but after seeing Hawke summon Ifrit to tear off his enemy's arms I might have made an underestimation.

Separate, these changes might not have seemed so drastic, but all put together I can't help but think the Dragon Age I enjoyed so much is lost forever.

Still, Jason's hands-on with Dragon Age 2 came off sounding very impressive, so I'm willing to wait a little while longer to make any decisions. What about you, Ranters? Do you have high hopes for Dragon Age 2, or are you a little precautionary like myself?

Dragon Age 2 hits the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC beginning on March 8, 2011 in North America and March 11, 2011 in Europe.

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