'Dragon Age 2' Bonus Items Unlocked After One Million Demo Downloads

Dragon Age 2 Items Unlocked One Million Demo Downloads

What can you expect from the demo? It can be assumed that the demo will be similar to the one BioWare showed off at PAX Prime 2010, giving players a taste of combat, conversations, and leveling. Whether or not the demo will allow you to choose each particular class still remains to be seen, though.

When does the demo drop? Mark your calenders for February 22, and download the demo before March 1 to be one of the million players to unlock these two items: The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall and Lothering's Lament, both tomes that grant money or XP when read.

Here are BioWare's official descriptions of both items.

"The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall - Written by a Fereldan refugee as she fled the Blight, this book of poems describes her dreams of a new start in Kirkwall, the city across the sea. Readers will surely be enriched by her insights. (Gives money when read.)

"Lothering's Lament - Written by a Fereldan refugee as she fled the Blight, this book of poems contains touching reminiscences of all she had to leave behind. Readers will surely benefit from her experience. (Gives XP boost when read.)"

Free money and free experience points? That sounds like it should be enough motivation for fans of the series, if the mention of a playable demo wasn't enough motivation to begin with.

BioWare isn't shy about giving fans of Dragon Age 2 ways to prepare for the game, even going to the lengths of including characters from different games. Well, their costumes at least.

Dragon Age 2 releases on March 8, 2011 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Source: BioWare

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