Bioware's Making of 'Dragon Age 2' Video (Part 1)

Two In-Game Items Unlock If 1 Million Dragon Age 2 Demos Downloaded

The first part of a series of videos detailing the making of Dragon Age 2 has been out for a little while now, and should be considered required viewing for fans of the  series. This video addresses how Dragon Age 2 got started, developing from simple animatics to the expansive story of one man's rise to power. It goes on to talk about various design changes that were implemented in Dragon Age: Origins and tweaked for the sequel. Interestingly enough, the developers do talk about the move from the tactical RPG gameplay of the first game to the real-time combat that will be in place for the sequel

The video does showcase some gameplay, as well. Those wondering what the game looks like in action will not be disappointed. Take a look at Bioware's making of Dragon Age 2 video, part one:


It goes without saying that Dragon Age 2 is one of 2011's most highly anticipated games. If it holds to the high standards of BioWare's other games, it may possibly be a contender for game of the year. The design changes the team has implemented don't seem to hinder the game in any kind of way. Yes, there are fans of that tactical RPG gameplay that may miss it, but -- as said in the video -- once players get their hands on the new game and really see what BioWare is aiming for, they might just be blown away.

It's promising to hear that decisions made during the game will actively impact the story, rather than just coalesce at the very end during the epilogue. It was sort of disappointing to see all of those epic, life-changing decisions players made in Dragon Age: Origins sort of be swept away during the end sequence. No more. With Dragon Age 2, if I make the decision to betray a character, I want to see that character sabotage me at a critical juncture of the story.

For more of a breakdown of the gameplay of Dragon Age 2, check out Game Rant's hands-on preview, have a peek at one of the characters accompanying Hawke, or just watch the trailer again.

Between Dragon Age 2 and the just revealed Mass Effect 3, BioWare has an awfully full slate for 2011. With two such ambitious, high profile games in development simultaneously, can the developer hope to maintain its reputation for quality? Which of Bioware's sequels are you most looking forward to?

Dragon Age 2 returns to claim the title of Kirkwall's Champion on March 8, 2011, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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