Dr. Phil Hosts Meme Review with PewDiePie

dr. phil appears on meme review with pewdiepie

YouTuber PewDiePie has been playing Minecraft in most of his videos lately, but he has still been doing his series like Meme Review as well. In the past, Meme Review has had special guest hosts, like when billionaire Elon Musk hosted Meme Review, but the latest host may be the biggest one yet. Yes, TV talk show host and world famous psychologist Dr. Phil has finally hosted Meme Review with PewDiePie.

The video, entitled "Dr. Phil hosts Meme Review" has just been posted by PewDiePie, but is already amassing hundreds of thousands of views and will likely be one of the YouTuber's biggest videos. The video itself plays out like a fairly typical episode of Meme Review, with PewDiePie reviewing various memes, including ones about recent claims by politicians and the media that video games cause violence, but then ends with Dr. Phil himself reviewing memes.

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Those who don't follow PewDiePie may not realize just how big of a deal it is for Dr. Phil to be hosting Meme Review. PewDiePie has made many videos covering problem children on Dr. Phil's show, with a running joke about how the kids are sent to "The Ranch" for rehabilitation. Some of the PewDiePie Dr. Phil videos have actually been hit with copyright strikes in the past, so to see the talk show host on Meme Review is quite the monumental occasion.

Dr. Phil appearing on Meme Review may very well be the last push PewDiePie needs to pass the 100 million subscriber mark. While his feud with T-Series is long forgotten, PewDiePie is still set to make history as the first individual content creator to pass 100 million subscribers on YouTube. He recently passed the 99 million subscriber mark, so he should hit 100 million subscribers sooner rather than later.

In the future, it will be interesting to see how PewDiePie continues to draw in new subscribers to his channel. Stunts like hosting Meme Review alongside Elon Musk and Dr. Phil certainly help, but it seems that his return to Minecraft is really what has kept his momentum going. Whatever the case may be, PewDiePie fans can rest assured that he will soon pass 100 million subscribers on YouTube.

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