During a recent livestream, Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect ran into a fan while playing Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, with his username catching the fan’s eye and prompting him to ask if he was playing with the real Dr Disrespect. Playing it cool, Disrespect said he was also just a fan, and prodded his teammate to see how he really felt about the streamer. What followed brought him to tears.

When the interactions began, Dr Disrespect tried to throw in a few ribs about how he could be annoying on occasion. When the fan doubled down on how much he genuinely enjoyed watching the livestreamer, Dr Disrespect was evidently overwhelmed with the honest feedback. His signature shades couldn’t staunch the sudden tears, with the streamer quickly going off-screen to have a private moment before returning to the game.

The popular streamer was once infamously banned from Battlegrounds after a team killing incident, and an argument with developer Brandon Greene (the game’s creator) afterward only made things worse. Once Dr Disrespect said that he’d kick Greene in the chest, things hit a fever pitch and many fans doubted if Dr Disrespect would be allowed to play Battlegrounds at any point in the future. As many gamers are now aware, Dr Disrespect is fully back in the action – and evidently still has many fans grateful for that fact.

The popular battle royale title should be making its way to Xbox One in the coming months, something Microsoft will certainly be happy about given the game’s meteoric rise through the Steam sales and concurrent players charts. Microsoft is reportedly seeking out an extension to its timed exclusivity deal with Bluehole, something that could potentially see a PlayStation edition of the game pushed back for years.

It’s not often Twitch streamers – or humans in general – have such unexpected and genuine interactions with strangers, but it’s a great thing to see. While PewDiePie may not have kind things to say about his social experiences with the title, it’s great to see that this can be the exception instead of the norm.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now on PC in Early Access and will launch on Xbox One later on in 2017.