Dr Disrespect Knows How Much Mixer Paid Ninja to Leave Twitch

dr disrespect says ninja made mistake

Streamer Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm took to Twitch on Wednesday to provide some commentary on his thoughts about Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ decision to make the jump to Mixer. Dr Disrespect claims he knows how much the service paid Ninja to make the jump.

In the stream, Dr Disrespect takes aim at Ninja’s decision, claiming that the popular streamer made the wrong move. He gets visibly worked up in the video and says that he “knows the number,’ referencing the amount Mixer paid Ninja to move to the platform, though he doesn't provide it. One of his viewers even asks him to calm down.

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When it comes to subscriber count, Dr Disrespect sits at the top spot on Twitch now that Ninja has left. In the stream, he refers to himself as “number one” and talks about having enough connections to know exactly what Mixer paid Ninja for exclusivity. According to him, the streamer got a bad deal.

Dr Disrespect points to Twitch as the place that has the “viewerships, sponsorships, and campaigns” and that Mixer, by comparison, doesn’t have anything else to offer viewers besides Ninja. According to the Doc, the next most viewed channel on Mixer is a radio station.

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This comes just over a week after a stream in which Dr Disrespect said that he would accept a similar Mixer deal if offered. That stream aired a few days after Ninja’s announcement. At the time, Dr. Disrespect said, "I don't give a **** what platform I stream on, dude,” and that he would go wherever offers him the most money. He went on to say that Mixer would have to offer him a deal at Ninja’s level or higher.

It seems odd that the streamer would take such a hard stance on Ninja’s Mixer deal so quickly claiming he would make the jump himself. As mentioned above, Dr Disrespect has taken over as number one on Twitch now that Ninja has left. It would make sense for him to bid the streamer adieu and go about his business.

However, it has always been tough to figure out the motivations behind the streamer. Dr Disrespect often jumps back and forth into character which makes it difficult to know the difference between his genuine opinion and his persona. The frustration in this clip seems genuine, but Dr Disrespect has broken character in the past.

Either way, the streamer has a point. On one hand, Ninja doesn’t have a lot of competition on Mixer, and his subscriber base has already skyrocketed. On the other hand, if folks don’t have any reason to load up Mixer unless Ninja has a live stream, then perhaps they won’t bother. Especially if they spend all of their other streaming time on Twitch.

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