Dr Disrespect Banned from E3, Twitch Channel Suspended After Bathroom Streams

On June 11, popular Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect hosted his first-ever Twitch IRL stream as he explored the E3 2019 show floor. This stream included multiple instances where Dr Disrespect entered a public bathroom and was followed by his cameraman. Since it is illegal to stream or record video in public bathrooms in California, Twitch has banned Dr Disrespect, and he has also been banned from E3 2019 by the Entertainment Software Association.

It is unclear how long either of Dr Disrespect's current bans will last. Since the ESA revoked Dr Disrespect's E3 2019 badge specifically, it's possible that he will be able to attend future events. As for Twitch, it's also unclear exactly how long his ban will be, but it's more likely than not just a temporary ban.

Dr Disrespect is one of Twitch's top streamers, and he has made serious cash for the streaming giant. For this reason, it seems highly unlikely that Twitch will permanently ban him, even though he broke the law multiple times in his Twitch IRL stream. Twitch has shown itself to be fairly lenient when it comes to bans, and typically only doles out temporary bans, even in serious situations like this.

drdisrespect banned on twitch irl

At the time of this writing, Dr Disrespect himself has yet to comment on the situation. His Twitter account hasn't been updated since his Twitch channel was banned, and so it's unclear how he feels about the whole mess. It's unknown if he realized that he was breaking the law by streaming in a public bathroom, or if he thought the risk of the stunt was worth it for the views.

This isn't the first time a Dr Disrespect stream has grabbed headlines. Past notable streams included the incident where he admitted to cheating on his wife, which resulted in a temporary self-imposed hiatus from streaming as he worked on his personal life. He's also been swatted in a stream, and has had someone shoot at his house as well.

We will update this article if Dr Disrespect releases a statement on the matter.

Source: Kotaku

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