You Can Download StarCraft II Right Now

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Let's not make this overcomplicated, if you've bought the digital version of StarCraft II through Blizzard's you can download the game as we speak. This sets you up to be perfectly prepared come the July 27 release date. Others will be floundering with opening their boxes and fumbling with installation disks, or just beginning their slow online download, while you're already cruising to the platinum division on your solid Zerg muta-rush.

You won't be able to install the game until July 27, you hackers, but wouldn't it be nice just having those files sitting there, filled with space glory just waiting to be unleashed upon your PC?

Here's the word from a man in 'blue', directly from Blizzard:

"The digital download is mainly for players that purchase the product online. You download the full client, that you can start installing on July 27, at the same time the midnight sales start - it will install the full game then. To be able to play, you will have to have a StarCraft II license attached to your account and then log into the client with that account."

Personally, I've never been so organized, so boxes have not been an important part of my collection. They typically get trampled, cracked, dusty or lost through some means or another. As a primarily PC gamer, digital distribution is my bread and butter. I have honestly bought at least three copies of Diablo 2 and two Warcraft III Battle Chests, but the new system saves me from ever having to do that again.

Fair warning though, downloading the game may cause a certain amount of lag, lowering the chance of you dominating in the ongoing StarCraft II multiplayer beta. It might be best if you download the game while you're sleeping. If you sleep, that is.

What do you think, Ranters? Is the StarCraft II retail box too important to you? Or are you already reaching for your credit card? Wait, does purchasing require Real ID? Controversy! Leave a comment!

Source: IncGamers

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