When Nintendo first announced that it would be rewarding early adopters of its 3DS system with 20 free NES and GBA games, most players had the same reaction: “When can I play them?” The first batch of free games, fully revealed yesterday, is set to become available tomorrow. But for those of you who just can’t wait that long, Game Rant is here to tell you how to download those games right now

3DS owners, grab your systems. Make sure your console is connected to the internet and log on to the Nintendo eShop. Once in, open the menu and go to the “Settings / Other” tab. Once that tab is open, select “Your Downloads.” After scrolling though whatever else you may have previously downloaded, you’ll find all ten NES games and the Ambassador Certificate (more on that in a moment), each with a handy “Redownload” button. Click the button and get ready for a extravagant feast of classic Nintendo goodness.

For those 3DS owners who may be running short on available memory, here are the block sizes of all the NES games and the Ambassador Certificate.

Super Mario Bros. 31
The Legend of Zelda 31
Balloon Fight 30
Ice Climber 30
Donkey Kong Jr. 30
Metroid 31
Open Tournament Golf 32
Wrecking Crew 31
Yoshi 32
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link 33
Ambassador Certificate 145
Total Blocks Required: 456

Now, about that Ambassador Certificate. It’s actually a video featuring scrolling text about keeping up to date with the Ambassador Program. Check out the full message below.

“If you would like to receive updates regarding the Ambassador Program, such as when new titles are made available, you can update your notification settings by tapping the ‘Receive’ button the the bottom screen.”

With the remaining Ambassador games (all GBA titles) due by the end of the year, keeping up to date on the program is probably a good idea. Only half the remaining titles have been announced so far. We know which five games we hope make the cut — list your picks in the comments below.

Now, go play! Have fun with your collection of new games, and keep checking Game Rant for all the latest news on the Ambassador Program.

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