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Double Fine is responsible for a couple of really great games, including the likes of Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. Brutal Legend, however, didn't sell very well, so fans of the company were pretty concerned with the well-being of Tim Schafer and friends. Apparently, these people had nothing to worry about because according to an interview with Eurogamer and Double Fine head-honcho Tim Schafer they've got multiple games currently being developed by the company.

"I can't really say until the announcement, but there are things about [the new games] that are new and different," he refers to "games", which traditionally means more than one. This marks the first time in the Double Fine's nine year history that the company has ever worked simultaneously on more than one project. This is pretty baffling considering that Double Fine has only ever made two games in their entire nine year run, so learning that two more are on the way right now is bound to turn some heads.

What's bound to turn even more heads is the fact that Double Fine isn't working on a measly two games, more like four. That's right Double Fine is quadrupling it up with four different titles. According to, Schafer and his team were looking for another idea after Brutal Legend sales were overestimated, and they back tracked through their catalog of past ideas. According the Schafer, "In a couple of months all four games got signed." Schafer then joked that, "Trying to kill us made us multiply."

Schafer wouldn't go into details on the new games, but he did reveal three potential details about them in his interview. The games will not have a massive budget, there are already publishers attached to the projects and an official confirmation of the titles will be coming "pretty soon". Sounds like a formula for downloadable games to Game Rant, and cheap fun-filled games are something that we highly endorse.

In fact when Schafer was asked if the games he is working on will be seen on Xbox Live and PSN he responded with the following:

"I'm very interested in those kinds of things. Those could be a way of getting creative ideas out there without risking $30 million on them. When you risk $30 million on something, publishers want to mitigate their risk,", Schafer told Eurogamer. "If anything is in your game that might alienate a single customer, they have to take it out. That's something that's really hard to work with."

Fans hoping for a full-on retail game shouldn't worry, according Schafer stated that "some of the games are downloadable, and some are retail." What may be disconcerting to some is the toll that working on four games simultaneously can have on a studio. When this question was brought up Schafer responded with, "I was a little worried that they might be spreading themselves thin, so that's kind of reassuring. I'm also pleased to here [sic] some of these titles are digital, as that will allow for more risky, experimental design."

There's no official date that the boys at Double Fine have set to reveal these wonderful products, but considering that Brutal Legend was such a hit at last year's Comic-Con maybe we'll get a peek at Double Fine's latest masterpieces next week. If anything comes up at San Diego Comic-Con 2010 have no fears because Game Rant will be there covering it, so we'll let you know as soon as we get word on any video game related goings on.

What kind of game are you guys expecting from the creator of Psychonauts? Do you think these games will finally find commercial success?

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