Double Fine's 'Stacking' Free to PlayStation Plus Members

Stacking Free PlayStation Plus

Sony is clearly serious about its PlayStation Plus initiative. When it was first announced at E3 2010, many gamers questioned the viability of premium online component for a system that already supported online multiplayer for free.

Sony promised then that they would work to deliver compelling content, and though some may quibble about how successful they've been in making good on that promise, the latest PlayStation Plus bonus is sure to put smiles on the faces of gamers everywhere. Double Fine's upcoming downloadable game, Stacking, will be a free day one download for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

That's right, next Tuesday, February 8th, PlayStation Plus members will be able to fire up their consoles and download the lastest title from the minds behind Costume Quest, Brutal Legend, and Psychonauts at no cost.

Stacking follows the adventures of matryoshka doll Charlie Blackmore, whose "stacking" skill allows him to  gain the abilities of other dolls for use in solving the puzzles and problems he encounters. The game's announcement video does a good job of illustrating Stacking's novel clockwork, stop motion-esque graphical style. For even more detail on Stacking, be sure to have a look at this video of Double Fine mastermind Tim Schafer and Stacking project lead Lee Petty discussing the game.

Along with a free copy of Stacking, Plus subscribers can look forward a couple of exclusive demos: Killzone 3's single player demo on the 8th, and a demo Sega's Yakuza 4 on the 15th.

All this comes on top of the recent news of Online Saving coming to PlayStation Plus members along with the PlayStation 3's update to firmware 3.60, and long standing bonuses like PlayStation Store discounts, and free issue's of Sony's Qore video-magazine.

Personally, I subscribed to PlayStation Plus in order to take part in the Hulu Plus beta, and have been a member ever since. Although I don't claim to be a fan of every bonus that has been offered as part of the service, I have been exposed to some surprisingly fun games that hadn't otherwise caught my eye, including Critter Crunch and Mushroom Wars. More recently, all five episodes of Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse were offered for free to Plus members.

Of course, there is an argument to be made that money spent on a Plus membership might be better spent on specific titles that gamers are interested in, but it has to be said that as members accrue more and more content, the value of the service becomes harder to deny. The addition of presumably high quality, day one content like Stacking goes even further in demonstrating Sony's intentions for the future of PlayStation Plus.

Ranters, what do you think about Stacking coming to PlayStation Plus members for free? Do you subscribe to the service? If not, does the addition of day one content like Stacking do anything to change your mind?

Stacking will be available February 8, 2011, on PlayStation 3, and February 9, 2011, on Xbox 360.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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