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Almost exactly a year ago, Double Fine finished a Kickstarter with incredible success. The funding they asked for was a modest amount and their goal was to try to revitalize interest in the slowly dying point-and-click adventure game genre by creating one of their own. What they raised was eight times more than their goal, which ignited a surge of Kickstarter funded projects and forever changed the way developers thought about making games.

Kickstarter provided an opportunity to cut out the middleman, the publisher, and allowed developers to have free reign over their product with no sugar daddy dangling a budget over their heads. After their goal was met however, little was revealed as to what exactly fans funded. With the launch of the game’s official website, that has changed with the announcement at PAX East over the weekend.

The game is titled Broken Age and it tells the story of a young boy and girl who are “leading parallel lives.” The girl has to deal with her fate as her village’s sacrifice to a nasty monster and the boy has to deal with an overly maternal computer that keeps him locked away in a spaceship, presumably for what it feels is his own safety. Both want to escape. Enter adventure. That’s really pretty much it, as far as story details go, but there is one small piece of art showing the two characters and their respective worlds in the background.

According to the Broken Age site, 2 Player Productions is continuing to document the entire process so backers can watch the game’s progress as it unfolds. And, yes, even after the millions of dollars donated already people can continue to donate if they want in on these incentives. Otherwise, throwing in a $15 preorder will score you beta access.

It’s hard to tell from here how the game will turn out, especially with the delays and cost concerns brought to light after months of development, but Double Fine‘s Tim Schafer and many of his team have a long history with excellent games, many specific to this genre, so it’s safe to say this will likely turn out well.

Broken Age has no projected release date yet, but it is confirmed it will be available for the PC, Mac, and Linux. DRM-free, of course.

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