Double Fine Adventure Game Kickstarter Ends With $3 Million+

Double Fine Adventure Game Kickstarter Ends

One of what is sure to be 2012's most talked about pieces of video game news has finally come to a close, or at least what started the news has. Double Fine's Kickstarter for their Adventure Game just yesterday closed its 33-day funding window, hitting a huge benchmark of $3,335,265.

Starting out as an innocuous plea by one of gaming's treasured developers, the Kickstarter for Double Fine's yet to be named Adventure Game became an instant hot topic both because it was a developer returning to the genre that made them a household name, and because they amassed their budget, and went far beyond it, in less than 24 hours.

As per the Kickstarter formula, the fundraising had to eventually come to a close, and it did yesterday, but not before closing out with a staggering $3 Million total. Double Fine broke literally every record that exists for Kickstarter, and now they have plenty of money to make their forthcoming Adventure Game a memorable one.

The initial asking amount from Double Fine was only $400,000, which would fund both the game and a documentary that would follow the development process, however, what Double Fine wasn't anticipating was just how popular an idea like that might be. Sure, they had seen their other titles like Stacking and Trenched be successful, but those were completely different genres than Double Fine had been known for delivering. The sense of humor was still there, and that, for a large part, was enough, but adventure games in general are a hard sell.

Our best guess, based on the huge disparity between the initial asking amount and the final total, is that Double Fine will take some additional developmental time to really make this game all that it can be. Not to say that they weren't planning that otherwise, but surely the roadmap for the game has changed.

Either way, congratulations should go to Double Fine for hitting such an impressive mark, and for getting a project they wanted to get made funded. Clearly the fans are looking forward to this game, and now that they have contributed and made it buzz worthy perhaps even more gamers might get interested.

Did you contribute to the Double Fine Kickstarter? If so what are your hopes for the game? If not, has all of the buzz surrounding the project got you interested?

Source: Joystiq


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