What speaks volumes about Double Fine’s status among gamers all over is the fact that their upcoming Adventure Game doesn’t even have a title yet, and yet many are anxiously looking forward to it – so much so that they’d donate over three million dollars to see it made. Any bit of news that surfaces related to the game, or even to the company itself, is instantly examined and analyzed for any information regarding whatever project is on the way.

An example? News that a short clip of animation from the company surfaced on the internet – leading to an explosion of fan interest. The video appeared via an automatic Tweet on Double Fine’s Twitter account but was quickly removed soon after it was sent; though, not before others were able to repost the Tweet and the video.

The video is very short, only thirty seconds in length, and features no audio whatsoever. It only shows a man that looks very much like a lumberjack walking back and forth along a path, before entering a log cabin.

Have a look at the Double Fine Animation Video below.


Naturally, upon the video’s release, questions were quickly raised. Many speculated that the video was footage from Double Fine’s upcoming point-and-click Adventure Game, now in development after mainstream companies said that point-and-click games were a dead genre. The character design is also reminiscent of Double Fine’s smash hit Psychonauts, which could be seen as a hint that the long-awaited and much-desired sequel to the game is in the planning stages, at the very least.

As it turns out, none of the above is true. Not long after the story broke out onto the internet, Tim Schafer himself came forward and explained:

“It’s an art tech test out of context. Not images from the game. Part of a larger post on our DFA backer forums.”

Granted, this could just be a story Schafer used to cover things up and keep any information about his Adventure Game under wraps, but it does sound credible enough to be true. Still, the art style itself featured in the video does look like a possible candidate for how a Double Fine game could look – but that’s nothing more than speculation at this point.

Do you think Schafer is telling the truth about the video? If not, what do you think the video is about?

Source: Destructoid