Arc System Works releases a new trailer for the forthcoming beat-em-up game Double Dragon IV, offering fans new gameplay details and another look at a few familiar faces.

Double Dragon, the popular brawler game series that made its debut in 1987, is back again 30 years later with its newest installment, Double Dragon IV. After the official announcement was made by developer and publisher Arc System Works, players anxiously awaiting the game’s release have been given a few exciting details and extra glimpses into what Double Dragon IV will be all about. Today saw the release of another trailer, one that packs a seriously nostalgic punch as it features the return of the series’ beloved protagonists.

The first Double Dragon IV trailer was unveiled in December 2016, and served a triple purpose to formally publicize the game’s existence, its availability for PlayStation 4 and PC, and its January 30, 2017 release date. Included in the announcement trailer were peeks into what Billy and Jimmy, Double Dragon‘s main heroes, would be getting up to, as well as some teaser-type hints into what gameplay would feel like. This second trailer digs a lot deeper, and fans are seemingly satisfied.

Not only do audiences see the pair of punch-happy protagonists, but they also are made aware of the new antagonists. According to the trailer, Double Dragon IV will see Billy and Jimmy battling fresh forces of evil in the form of a rag-tag group of bad guys known as The Renegades. Along with the introduction of this tense new struggle for one group to gain power, and to vanquish the other in the process, the trailer also brings back villains fans know and love, like the bald-head strongman boss Abobo. As expected, the trailer delivers retro graphics, an 8-bit soundtrack, and some slightly cheesy voiceovers.

After the Double Dragon series ran into some trouble (most notably its bankruptcy filing), there were a handful of efforts made to reboot the series. Unfortunately, none were successful — until Arc System Works acquired the property and revived it to a new state. With this nostalgic second trailer, and with recently-released details on new gameplay modes and the game’s compatibility with Share Play on PS4, it looks like Double Dragon IV may have the strength to bring the series back to the mainstream and give the franchise a fresh start.

Double Dragon IV is slated to hit PlayStation 4 and PC on January 30, 2017.