Dota 2 Servers Upgraded, Prepare for Beta Invites

Dota 2 Servers Upgraded Prepare for Beta Invites

A few weeks ago co-creator of the original DotA, Icefrog, blogged to inform fans that they would not have to wait nearly as long as previously expected to get their hands dirty in Dota 2. Anxious fans began chomping at the bit, impatient to get their hands on the game after seeing it in tournament play, so the news of a shortened wait time was a pleasant surprise. After a round of server upgrades Valve is now prepared to start handing out a few more beta codes to fans willing to submit some information.

This time, on the Dota 2 blog, Valve has announced that, in order to take advantage of some just completed server upgrades increasing capacity significantly, a new wave of invitations to the Dota 2 beta are being prepared. In order to be considered, fans must fill out the steam survey which asks potential testers to detail their DotA experience and skill level with a few questions and verifies your hardware setup.

They want to make sure they get a varied group of both newbies and professions and have them testing it on all sorts of computer equipment. After applying be sure to keep an eye out for a notification in the Steam client

But what's a beta invite for a team-based game like DotA with no friends to fight alongside? Valve has smartly recognized this issue and understands that players are much more likely to put in more testing time if their friends are also invited to the beta and have provided them with a way to do so. Once invitees receive the notification in Steam that they have been selected as a beta participant, they will find two invites in their Steam Inventory which can be share with friends.

Original DotA fans will especially appreciate the comic posted alongside the news which features the shop owner, who we previously met in the Dota 2 trailer, explaining the lore behind the Demon Edge, a powerful magical weapon which changes owners after death. Check out the Dota 2 Blog for full details and remember to check back on Thursdays for new heroes, features and fixes.

DotA 2 is expected to release on PC and Mac in 2012 with an increase in beta invitations expected very soon.

Source: Dota 2 Blog

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