An employee from id Software confirms that DOOM won’t have any framerate limitations for the PC release, though console gamers are still locked in to 60FPS.

Even though the open beta for DOOM is already underway, it’s clear that id Software is still striving to make some significant technical advances. The lead rendering programmer at the studio, Tiago Sousa, just put out a Tweet stating that DOOM won’t have any framerate lock on the PC version of the game, meaning gamers with high-end rigs can feel free to push their copy of DOOM to the limit.

In comparison, the console editions of the game will be locked to 60 FPS and run at a 1080P resolution, which is just about as good as anyone can possibly hope in the current console generation. PC gamers, however, are known for wanting to push their more-easily upgraded hardware to the limits, so the release from any framerate limitations should come in as a big crowd-pleaser for the more hardcore gamers out there.

Here’s Sousa’s tweet announcing the feature:

This also means that any game developers who base their future games off the engine that id Software is working on will be able to deliver a game without framerate limits to their own fans, too.

According to Sousa, there was a lot of work put in to make this feat possible: technical debt from the previous engine was fairly entrenched into the engine’s coding, which had to be replaced from the ground up. While we don’t know how long Sousa and his team worked on removing any framerate limitations, he did mention it was ‘a long time’ coming.

Bethesda recently showed off some of the power weapons available in DOOM, and we have to say that game already looks like it runs very smoothly. Despite the graphical prowess behind the gore-filled game, the studio jumped into to the live-action trailer craze for their most recent advertisement, though the live-action video ironically has more framerate limitations than the game itself will on PC.

Despite the good news about the lack of a framerate limit, the open beta is currently receiving very mixed reviews on Steam for the PC version, though the console editions are riding a wave of positive feedback. It’s clear that DOOM has gone in a more console-friendly direction, and it looks like many gamers are upset that the classic traditional PC franchise has made changes to the formula.

What do you think about PC games still coming out with framerate limits, Ranters?

DOOM is set to release on May 13th, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Twitter