Official DOOM Vodka Has A Weird Ingredient

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There's nothing wrong with enjoying an adult beverage while kicking back and playing some video games, and it appears that Bethesda is aware of that, as the company is releasing an official vodka to accompany DOOM Eternal. That wouldn't be too odd, except this vodka has one pretty interesting ingredient: bones.

Of course, the bones in question aren't human bones. Instead, the Rebel Distillers DOOM vodka uses roasted and smoked beef bones as a key ingredient. The marrow is extracted from the bones and macerated in neutral grain alcohol, then distilled at a low temperature in a vacuum still. This creates a vodka with a "dry, earthy start" that leads to an "umami and buttery feel on the tongue." It's certainly an interesting concept and one that many people will likely find bizarre.

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DOOM Bone Vodka is currently available for pre-order on Rebel Distillers' website and runs $55 (£45) for a 700 ml bottle. Right now, the bone booze is set to be sent out in late September, which is a few months before the game releases. As such, it'll be a while before players can actually sit back and enjoy the drink while playing DOOM Eternal, but at least they can enjoy it with some DOOM Eternal gameplay in the meantime.

This isn't the first time that Bethesda has done a tie-in drink for one of their releases. The company made alcoholic beverages for certain events, and Fallout 4 had a Nuka Cola Quantum drink released alongside its launch. They make pretty interesting collector's items, too. It spurs people to buy at least two, one for collecting and one for consuming, so it also makes sense from a business standpoint.

It'll be interesting to see how DOOM Bone Vodka shakes out. Hopefully, the drink will be as good as the distillers say, and the game will be able to match that quality. It's one of Game Rant's 15 most anticipated games of this fall, so hopefully, it will manage to live up to gamer's high expectations.

DOOM Eternal will launch on November 22 on PC, PS4, Stadia, Switch, and Xbox One.

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Source: The Spirits Business

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