Bethesda and id Software reveal that a forthcoming update for the first-person shooter DOOM provides the game with a classic aiming option and photo mode.

Video game developer and DOOM‘s publisher Bethesda recently took to its blog to officially announce that the gory game’s first post-launch update is set to release tomorrow on June 30 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. According to the studio, it will not only bring a Photo Mode that allows players to take in-game screenshots, but also the DOOM update is set to incorporate the option to change the view of the Marine’s weapon placement, centering guns in a manner similar to the original 1993 version of the game.

The developers are calling the DOOM feature “classic weapon placement,” but perhaps most importantly, fans will be able to utilize the option in all areas of the game from the single-player campaign to the multiplayer maps. Additionally, as far as the Photo Mode is concerned, players will be able to snap shots of the brutal first-person shooter’s hellish environments and demonic creatures simply by accessing the pause menu.

On top of DOOM‘s first official update providing the option of an old school view and Photo Mode, the patch will also include general¬†improvements, optimizations, and fixes for bugs reported by fans, a few weapon balances for multiplayer, as well as some new changes to the SnapMap level editor. For instance, after the update downloads, players will get know the original author of a map on the info page, be able to enable and disable shootable triggers, add sky and window props, and much more. For those interested, fans can find a full rundown of what tomorrow’s update will include right here.


For those fans of the game who aren’t aware, the forthcoming update for DOOM follows the developer’s multiplayer improvement patch released earlier this month. Not only did it mercifully shorten lobby load times, but it also gave fans a more refined balance of the online mode’s weapons based off of player feedback.

Circling back to the inclusion of the classic aiming option for DOOM, it seems as if Bethesda and id Software are intent to remind fans of how far the game has come since its inception. For example, giving players the ability to experience the latest iteration of the title with the gun placed in the center of the screen is just another instance of developers hearkening back to the franchise’s roots, as the release also has classic levels to unlock as Easter eggs, which are hidden throughout each of the solo mode’s missions.

Of course,¬†Bethesda and id Software don’t want¬†DOOM fans to live in the past, but rather, the developers just want players to be cognizant of it, as its creators are striving to move forward with title. Later this year, in fact, id Software is going to put out a premium DLC pack for the game replete with add-ons to keep the release fresh for fans. Taking all of this into consideration, with the minds behind 2016’s DOOM being able to look back while also forging ahead, it makes sense for many to deem the game as one of the best video game reboots in existence.

DOOM is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bethesda