A new QuakeCon trailer for DOOM not only reveals all of the content within the first premium DLC known as Unto the Evil, but also that it’s available for download now.

The annual QuakeCon event kicked off yesterday from Dallas, Texas, celebrating all things Bethesda. In addition to panels and tournaments, fans are also getting another look at some of Bethesda’s highly anticipated upcoming titles such as Prey, Dishonored 2 and the first gameplay of Quake Champions Developer id Software also took the opportunity to surprise the audience by revealing a new trailer for the first premium DLC pack for DOOM.

Unto the Evil is the first of three planned multiplayer downloadable content packs. Three new multiplayer maps have been added to the competitive side of the game including Cataclysm, which is a hybrid level consisting of a UAC military base and a demonic structure, Offering, which looks pulled from a game like Hexen, and Ritual, which appears to be a lab facility slowly being taken over by demonic machines. Fans can check out DOOM‘s Unto the Evil trailer below.

In addition to new maps, players also gain access to a new demon spawn called the Harvester, a creature that is capable of shooting lightning and warping around the arena. New customization items are also available including new taunts, patterns, colors, and armor sets based around the theme of robots.

While the premium downloadable content does come with a $14.99 price tag for non-season pass owners, one of the intriguing features with it is that players can actually use the new content without purchasing it first. Known by id Software as PartyPlay, this system allows anyone to use the new Unto the Evil maps as long as they’re currently playing the game in a party with someone who has the DLC. Many studios seem to be moving away from paid map packs these days, but at the very least this method ensures that the community isn’t fractured between those with the DLC and those without it.

DOOM's Update 2 and Multiplayer DLC Info

Following a similar post-launch content path as The Division, players have enjoyed a number of free updates and enhancements since DOOM launched back in April. Along with bug fixes and weapon rebalances, players have seen a host of new content come to the game including a photo mode and new SnapMap features as well. Two new multiplayer modes were also recently added including Exodus, a randomly spawning capture the flag mode, and a zone control mode called Sector.

Are you happy with the multiplayer focused DLC or are you hoping for some sort of single player content announcement? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments below.

DOOM is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Bethesda – YouTube