Bethesda releases a new trailer for the upcoming DOOM reboot game, showcasing the various demon transformations, power-ups, and power weapons available in multiplayer.

DOOM‘s release is just a couple of months away, and in light of that, Bethesda is working to get gamers hyped about the game’s multiplayer. The hype train started rolling earlier this week when the curtain was pulled back on the game’s six multiplayer modes, and now we’ve been given a look at the power-ups and power weapons players can utilize in multiplayer.

DOOM will feature four playable demons that players can transform into by collecting power-ups hidden around its multiplayer maps. The new trailer showcases two of these demons, which will include the brutal Baron of Hell, a hulking monstrosity that is capable of ripping humans apart with ease, and the Prowler, which is a fast-moving beast that can cling to walls. Both the Prowler and the Baron of Hell have special melee executions similar to the ones showcased in DOOM‘s E3 2015 trailer.

Besides the demon transformations, players will also be able to pick up more traditional FPS power-ups when playing DOOM‘s multiplayer. There will be four in the final game, but Bethesda only reveals two in the new trailer: invisibility and quad damage.

See DOOM‘s demons and power-ups in action in the trailer below:

The end of the trailer also highlights DOOM‘s three devastating power weapons that players can acquire in the multiplayer. These power weapons include the chainsaw, the gauss cannon, and of course, the fan-favorite BFG. It seems like a major part of DOOM‘s strategy will deal with obtaining these power weapons and using them to control sections of the map, as was the case for many of the older arena shooters that the new DOOM draws inspiration from.

Fans excited by the new trailer don’t have to wait until May to take these power-ups for a test drive. As a matter of fact, DOOM‘s closed beta is set to begin next weekend, and will allow fans to try out DOOM‘s Team Deathmatch mode as well as the revamped King of the Hill mode called Warpath. It’s unknown at this time which power weapons, demon transformations, and power-ups will be available in the beta, however.

DOOM‘s power-ups are a callback to a bygone era of first-person shooters. Whereas they used to be commonplace, DOOM may be one of the only FPS games released this year that uses them, and it will be interesting to see how modern gamers respond to the old-school mentality DOOM is bringing to the table when it releases in just a couple month’s time.

DOOM will be available on May 13th for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bethesda Softworks