A Reddit user discovers secret images found within DOOM’s soundtrack, continuing the franchise’s long tradition of hiding Easter eggs and other secret content.

It’s a well known fact that the DOOM franchise is very fond of Easter eggs and secrets, choosing to hide all kinds of references, call backs, and other interesting nods all throughout each of the games that have released over the years. The most recent entry is no exception to this rule, as players have already discovered a ton of interesting and hidden content including the ability to unlock classic levels from the original game. In keeping with this storied tradition, it appears that the soundtrack even has some hidden content for fans.

What is no doubt a deeply buried secret, Reddit user Tomcb has discovered that the DOOM soundtrack features some hidden images which include a pentagram and the numbers 666, both of which are commonly tied to demonic imagery and themes. No doubt a perfect match for a franchise and game such as DOOM.

doom soundtrack images

The images are specifically tied to the track Cyberdemon when the song’s frequencies are visualized through a spectrogram. As of now, no additional images have been discovered, through it’s possible other tracks may contain more secrets as well.

The soundtrack’s composer, Mick Gordon, recently teased these secrets in the latest trailer for DOOM, which featured a look at how the soundtrack was composed. Around the 3:29 mark, eagle eyed fans can clearly see what looks to be similar imagery. What’s interesting here is that the image used in the video, does not appear to match what user Tomcb has found, so there may be more for fans to discover. Could it be tied to the Hellwalker track which is playing at the time the images appear?

It’s clear that id Software has gone all out in trying to make the latest DOOM a worthy successor to the previous games in the franchise. The game manages to retain its fast and gory nature, and even ignore common shooter trends to focus on what people remember about the gameplay including tight corridors full of demons to explode. Couple all that with great hidden secrets like those soundtrack images with some more playful Easter eggs like one that playfully references a specific scene from Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Have you discovered any Easter eggs during your play through? What is your favorite secrets so far in the game? Make yourself heard in the comments below.

DOOM is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit