E3 2015: ‘DOOM’ SnapMap Lets Players Build Maps, Game Modes

By | 1 year ago 

Bethesda’s first ever E3 2015 conference took place today, and with it ID Software took little time in introducing fans plenty of brutal-looking DOOM gameplay. Fans had been expecting a reveal all week, and were immediately treated with a long campaign video, multiplayer information, and a brand new gamemode and map creation system called DOOM SnapMap. The new creation tool will be available to players both on PC and console, and looks like it’ll offer plenty of in-depth customization.

Executive Producer Marty Stratton wastle little time introducing fans to a quick demonstration of the ins-and-outs of SnapMap, which is aimed to increase the longevity of the title by allowing players to easily share and create unique content to the series:

“At it’s core, SnapMap is about players never running out of fun and imaginative gameplay.”

SnapMap allows players to easily ‘snap’ together individual rooms and hallway sections (called modules) through a simplistic map interface. From both PC and consoles, gamers can easily scroll through an item bank of 90 degree bends, couplers, stairs and unique rooms, and can even copy and paste them over to different areas of the map. One the general layout is built, players can begin adding ceiling, wall and floor clutter automatically, and then place hazard items like explosive barrels and flame jets to the mix. The most hazardous of obstacles – that is, the demons themselves – are also placeable in the editor, allowing for users to create custom challenge maps with ease. Currently, there’s no indication on whether the clutter items will be individually placeable, as the video only showed an automatic placement system on a room-by-room basis.

Doom SnapMap

Players will also be able to create their own game logic, which enables game modes to function very differently than the standard core modes built into the base game. It’s a great addition for DOOM, and if it ends up being anything like the forge tool within Halo, there’ll be no shortage of unique and brutal game modes for players to check out. Aside of general logic commands (like what to do on a player’s death), they’ll also be able to place triggers and events in each map, so gamers will be able to trigger events based on player locations and interactions.

Console gamers will be pleased that SnapMap looks like it can handle a decently-sized map before it reaches a population limit for content, a feature which has proven to be the downfall of console-based games in the past. Though the exact numbers on how much it can handle haven’t been released, the trailer did show a relatively large map within the SnapMap interface.

During the creative process, players will be able to test out their creation, or publish the entire map, at the click of a single button. With such a seemingly easy-to-use interface, fans will no doubt waste little time in creating unique content for the series, and hopefully it’ll do a good job in enhancing the brand-new DOOM gameplay Bethesda was able to show off at the conference.

DOOM is currently scheduled for a Spring 2016 release on Xbox one, PlayStation 4 and PC.