Bethesda: ‘DOOM’ Footage Not for Public; Official Unveiling in 2015

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Late last week, developer id Software gave QuakeCon attendees their first exclusive look at DOOM 4 gameplay. The footage allegedly included lots of DOOM staples like excess gore, a chainsaw, and plenty of demons.

However, now that some time has passed since the QuakeCon reveal, which also included new details about the game (read those here), many are wondering whether id will release the footage online. Yes, the developer said that the DOOM presentation would not leave the QuakeCon halls, but fans that couldn’t attend the event held out hope.

Unfortunately, it appears that hope will not reap any rewards as Bethesda‘s Pete Hines reaffirms the DOOM footage will not make its way into the public realm. In fact, id Software wasn’t even looking to show their game off to anyone, but Bethesda felt this exclusive QuakeCon reveal was a decent compromise.

Hines didn’t want to paint the wrong picture though; DOOM is not yet ready for media or fan scrutiny. But since DOOM 4, which is now this reboot, skipped out on QuakeCon last year, Bethesda and id Software knew they couldn’t let fans down again.

“We’re working with them to say, ‘How does this work? What do we want to show?’ And they’re like, ‘Look, we don’t want a stream to go up for a game that isn’t at the point where we would formally show it to the world, and now that thing is getting picked apart, and digested, and gone through frame-by-frame and getting nitpicked to death, when normally we wouldn’t be showing this to anybody at all.’”

Doom Teaser Trailer 2014 Header Image

In a way, this DOOM footage was a compromise — a way for id to say “this is what we’re going for,” without throwing themselves to the wolves. Since we didn’t see the footage firsthand we can’t say how rough or polished the game looked at this relatively early stage, but it sounds like, visually, the game isn’t quite there yet.

“I really wanted to put something out there that, in a strong way, said, ‘id is working on something that we think is really cool.’ And we wanted … to show something to [id Software fans] that gives them the confidence that it is still a viable studio that’s doing really cool stuff, that is making a game you want to play, and is treating Doom with the care and respect that you want. And now we’re going to go away and go back to making the game, but to be able to counter other people talking about us and we’re sort of just sitting here staying silent, or operating from this negative space of like, ‘Oh, it got rebooted, oh it’s in trouble.’ All of that stuff just bothered the hell out of me.”

As far as when fans might expect to see an official DOOM unveiling – not a CGI trailer – Hines reveals that Bethesda will have stuff prepared for 2015. E3 2015 obviously sounds like the perfect place for a big showing from the shooter and if the QuakeCon crowd was any indication, whatever id shows off should bring the house down.

But that’s only the beginning; then comes the hard part: convincing non-fans that this new DOOM game is worth checking out. DOOM, and to a greater extent id Software, has had an uphill climb as of late, what with the tepid reception to Rage and the unclear messaging regarding DOOM 4, but they could turn things around if this title hits big.

Did you hope that id Software would eventually release the DOOM footage from QuakeCon? What are three things you must see from this DOOM for it to be worth buying?

Source: PC Gamer