DOOM is now released! The latest deals are updated below, with anything expired crossed out. You can save 20% on the Steam copy during release week!

Ready to revisit hell? This Friday the 13th, DOOM will go live on all major platforms. With preload on Steam as early as May 11, we’ve rounded up all the DOOM pre-order deals so you can compare and contrast before you spend your hard-earned dollar.

PC Gamer? Good news because PC is where you’re going to be finding the best outright discounts. With deals from retailers such as GamesPlanet, Green Man Gaming, and more, you’ll have plenty of options for a Steam copy. Among them, GMG stands out as the best pick with the highest percentage discount (25% off after a DOOM coupon is used) and they’re also throwing in a free copy of Doom 3: BFG Edition (a $19.99 value).

PC Deals

Note: These offers on DOOM are only valid while the game is a pre-order, meaning Games Planet and Funstock Digital’s discounts are only available before Friday. GMG’s 25% off coupon code ends on Friday, May 13th at 9AM Pacific, right before the game goes live.

Both GamesPlanet and Funstock Digital display their prices by default in British Pounds, but that does not mean you need to live in the UK to pick up a copy. At FunStock there’s a drop down menu at the top of their page allowing you to switch between GBP, US Dollars, and Euros. GamesPlanet will always show Pounds, but you can buy worldwide and you’ll be charged at the currency conversion rate.

Steam Store, unlike the other three retailers above, is offering a free copy of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, a slightly newer title compared to Doom 3: BFG Edition, with its pre-order. Although, in terms of savings, you’re better off saving the $15 from GMG and then using that to buy a copy of The Old Blood when it’s on sale (lowest sale price was $4 back in March).

Console Deals

  • NewEgg: $44.99 (Xbox One, PS4)
    Use Code: EMCEJFH69
  • Amazon: $59.99 (with Prime $47.99)
  • Best Buy: $59.99 (with GCU $47.99)
    Pre-order bonus: $10 rewards certificate
  • Dell Home: $59.99 (Xbox One, PS4) + $25 eGift Card
  • Microsoft Store: $59.99 + $10 Xbox Gift Card

Rather play DOOM on a PS4 or Xbox One? There are still plenty of offers on the web from major retailers. If you don’t have a membership to either Amazon Prime or Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked, two retailers stand out as the best places to buy: Dell Home and the Microsoft Store. Microsoft offers a bonus $10 Xbox Gift Card, while Best Buy offers a $10 rewards certificate with DOOM pre-orders. Don’t forget that pre-order copies of DOOM for the Xbox One will receive a free copy of the original Doom and Doom 2: Hell on Earth.

Dell Home offers a greater value with its pre-order bonus – a $25 Gift Card arrives via email 10-20 days after you pre-order through Dell. There’s even free next business day shipping on DOOM while it’s a pre-order. In order to get both bonuses you’ll have to be a Dell Advantage Rewards member, though, but it ss free to sign up here.

If you happen to be an Amazon Prime member ($99 a year) we recommend buying the game through Amazon. While the game is in pre-order AND up to 2-weeks after it releases, Prime members get a 20% discount of $47.99 and free shipping.

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, but you pick up a lot of new copies of video games, you might want to consider getting a Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked Membership. For $30 every 2 years, you get a 20% discount on titles such as DOOM and any new games (as long as it’s not a used game). For a gamer, this is a cheaper discount method versus an Amazon Prime membership, though Amazon’s service encompasses more than just games

DOOM Pre-Order Bonus


Pre-ordering DOOM at any of the retailers listed above will net you the “Demo Multiplayer Pack” bonus which contains cosmetic bonuses such as a demon-themed armor set, additional paint and logo for customization, and finally six additional hack modules (unlocks consumables during multiplayer matches).

The bonuses are nothing special, but PC gamers do get a free copy of a game out of pre-ordering DOOM, which is a much better bonus.

Doom releases later this Friday, May 13. Preloading on Steam begins as early as 12AM ET May 11. You can find specific unlock times here.